Thursday, October 29, 2009

Soup - er Saturday

So my new ward is holding a Soup - er Saturday. They will be holding a handful of different mini classes and then having soup for lunch. One of the classes they are going to have How to Make a Baby Sling, I thought "what perfect timing". And guess who they asked to teach it? You guessed it and probably are thinking exactly what I thought, "Me?".

This is where I am wishing our original move date had stuck and I was able to make it to the Fabulous Friday they had for my ward in Gilroy. They were having a lot of the same classes including the nursing cover and baby sling class that I had signed up to attend. Oh well, Some times we are asked to do things because it is something we need to grow from. Maybe I will become a fabulous sewer out of this experience. Watch out Jessica and Cassy! :o)

So ever since being asked to teach the class I have a few things on my to do list that I need to get done. Find my sewing machine in storage. Ummm. Find any of my sewing supplies in storage. Ummm. Order the aluminum rings needed to make the baby slings. Check. Find the perfect material to make the baby sling. Check. Well, at least I am half way there.

Last night my sister, Caeden and mom met Payton and I at the fabric store. I probably should have waited to go with Payton being sick and all but she had been so happy and energetic the whole day. Let me just say I am glad my mother was there to help me watch Payton. It is impossible to watch a running toddler while trying to find the perfect fabric combinations. The good news is I found fabric I am happy with. I was going to take a picture of it and put it in this post but there is a sleeping baby in my room and I do not want to disturb.

Payton is about the same, happy with a touch of super sad. She switches back and forth with out any notice. Her bubba and binki have been her constant companions today. I have resigned to the fact that we will be home bound for at least a couple more days. According to the doctor she doesn't exhibit the symptoms that make her contagious but she probably isn't feeling all that great either.

Since posts are always better with photos, I am including a few from last weekend when we (my mom, Caeden, Payton, and I) prepared for our friend Johnny's annual Halloween Party's Pumpkin Carving contest by pregutting the pumpkin. I thought the girls would be totally into it. It turns out that they really don't like to get dirty. LOL

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So Payton developed a little cough last week that has progressively gotten worse. I think I was in denial about her being sick. Anyway, I took her in to the doctor yesterday and found out that she had phnemonia. She is now on antibiotics, hopefully it doesn't get worse or develop into the swine flu or something.

On a side note, I loved the doctor I took her to. I took her to the office my sister goes to and had a really good experience. We were not able to go to the same doctor that my sister goes to but was able to go to one of the other doctors that Jen has seen and thought was good. Her name was Dr. Vittamonte (not sure of the spelling). She was really good at keeping Payton calm and comfortable, Payton was even doing her naked baby jig before we left. I guess in taking her to Dr. Bhatia, her attempt at baby talk and conversation always felt forced and Payton was hardly ever calm and comfortable. We will have to see if things continue to go well when we go in for her 18 month shots. :o)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Move...

The short sale has been completed. Escrow is closed. Dave and I are no longer home owners. It is sort of a bitter sweet statement. I think it is probably a blessing that the whole loan modification and short sale process takes so long, by the time it is completed you have gone through all the emotions (worried, angry, frustrated, sad, etc) and are so thankful just to be done with everything.

Thanks again to everyone that helped us move. With the truck we were borrowing it took four trips to San Jose to get most everything moved. Dave and I still had to go back and forth several more times to get everything. Yikes! Note to self, go through your things once a year and pitch what you haven't touched. :o)

For now we are living with Dave's parents. Hopefully during our stay we will be able to save back some moola for a down payment on a new place. We have been told that if we were not delinquent on our previous mortgage that there are programs available that will enable us to get a home loan again with no waiting period.

Wish us luck.