Thursday, March 31, 2011

Beautiful Day

It seems that if you sing the song Rain, Rain go away enough that the rain will actually go away.  :o)  We celebrated this beautiful day with a PICNIC! 

Not sure what to tell you about Payton's pictures.  LOL 

It seems that when I get behind a camera, I disappear.  When I tell Payton to look at me she looks everywhere but in my direction.  Hmmm. 

Payton's Hair

I did Payton's hair in double french braids yesterday.  Long story short, they didn't get taken out before she went to bed.  So before I put her in the bath this morning I took them out.  Her hair was so kinky curly, so funny.  I held her up in front of the mirror so that she could see it and she said, "Hey, my hair looks like my teacher's."  Her nursery teacher at church has very curly hair.  It was so funny.  I don't think she has ever connected something like that before.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


June 1997 - March 2011

I got Lucaya (and the boys) when they were about 2 weeks old.  I was working for a bull riding company and was living out on a ranch with the couple that owned the company I worked for.  A neighbor brought over these three kittens asking if we needed any mousers.  He said he had found their mother dead and didn't know if they would even make it. 

That was the beginning of our journey together.  They were so tiny and I was immediately very protective of them.  Feeding them, caring for them, and constantly rescuing them out of the mouths of the dogs that lived on the ranch.  In return, they provided me the comfort and companionship I needed in the abusive atmosphere I lived in.  I remember many nights sitting out on the back porch with three little kittens curled up in my lap and tears running down my face.

When the chance to leave the ranch presented itself I jumped at the opportunity and took "my babies" with me.  I remember my dad saying. "Don't you dare bring those cats home with you."  Ha!  Ha!  What was I supposed to do?  I couldn't separate them.  Hee!  Hee!

I have come to discover that each animal, like each person, has a unique personality.  I described Lucaya many times as that girl in high school that was the most popular and only talked to the "cool" people.  Some may have said she was a little snooty.  But one thing was always sure, she loved me.

My favorite memory of her was when I was still living with my parents.  I worked the day shift at Applebee's as a server.  She would wait at the front window for me to come home from work and then when I got home would follow me back to my room and cuddle up to me as I took my afternoon nap.  My mom said that if I was ever late or did something after work she would start pacing back and forth between the front window and my room like she was afraid she missed me or something.

Dave remembers when he took a step back and accidentally stepped on her tail.  He had shoes on and didn't know he had stepped on her tail, he just froze when she started screaming.  Looking back it was hilarious because Dave described her scream as 1,000 tea kettles all going at the same time, he just couldn't figure out what was going on.

She had extra toes on each of her feet.  In a way she had opposing thumbs.  She used to pick up food and eat out of her paw.  She would also dip her paw in the water dish and drink the water out of her cupped paw.  You could toss a toy to her (that her claws could grip) and she would catch it in one paw.  I even witnessed her catch a bee in mid air with one paw.  Amazing!  :o)

Lucaya proved to be great with kids.  She was always very patient with Payton and Lincoln, as well as, all the kids that would come to playdates.  She may not have enjoyed all the attention she got from the kids but accepted it graciously.  I think the above picture was Dave's doing...He thought it would be funny for her to "nurse" all of Payton's little animal toys.  I guess the cow was late to the party.  LOL

I could go on and on with fun stories that people have shared with me since her passing.  She was an swesome cat. 

Missy Roo we miss you!

Monday, March 28, 2011


Today was a crappy day.  Nothing about it went as I thought it would.  I got up this morning expecting to bring home my baby girl and instead spent the afternoon digging her grave.

It all started when the animal hospital called me at 8:00 am and asked if I was coming to pick up Lucaya.  I told them that I was actually just getting ready to call them to see if I was able to come pick her up.  That is when they told me that they close at 8:00 am and the pick is from 7:00 to 7:30 am.  "What?  No one told me that."  I told them I would be on my way as soon as my father in law could get here to be with Lincoln and Payton.  They said the would be there until 9:00.  I immediately called to set up an appointment with my regular vet as instructed by the doctor the night before as we would need to get Lucaya on a medication regimen.

When I got to the hospital I found out that she wasn't intended to come home with me and that she was intended to be a transfer.  I was told she still had her IV catheter in and that she was due for her pain medication.  (they had been giving it to her every 4 - 6 hours and the last time she had it was 1:00 am.)  Why hadn't they given her any more?

Came home.  Picked up the kids and headed down to Gilroy.  My friend Aimee was able to watch Payton and Lincoln while I took Lucaya in.  As soon as I took Lucaya out of the cage for the technician I knew it wasn't good.  This was a cat in pain, this was not a cat that was improving and ready to go home.

The technician took Lucaya's weight and temp and then left to get the vet who was reviewing her chart.  I just started bawling.  I knew what he was going to tell me.  All I could do was hold her, cry, and tell how sorry I was and how much I loved her.  I called my mom and asked her if she could come because I couldn't do it by myself.  I think I also needed my mom to tell me it was OK to let her go.

The people at the clinic were very kind to me and let me wait for about 30 minutes for my mother to get there.  During that 30 minutes I was able to just sit with Lucaya curled up on my lap and just pet her like in the old days before kids took over my lap.

I know it was the right thing to do but it hurts so much and I feel like and emotional wreck.

Trying to explain this to Payton has been really hard.  When we picked up Payton and Lincoln from Aimee's house,  she got in the car and saw the cat carrier and told my mom the Lucaya was sick and had to go to the doctor.  I told her that Lucaya had been very sick and had gone to live with Heavenly Father but that she wasn't sick anymore and that she was happy .  To which she responded, "Oh, she won't scratch Heavenly Father." and "Well, when she gets better she can come back to live with us." I told her that she was not going to be coming back, Payton started bawling saying she wanted her kitty and that she wanted to pet her and give her a kiss to make her feel better.  Mom and I started bawling again.

Several times through out the day Payton asked about Lucaya and started crying.  Each time the conversation taking a little bit of a twist.  Last night Dave finally told her that Lucaya had died and that she wasn't coming back.  Payton just stopped and said, "Daddy that's so silly..."  Huh?

We were able to bury her in my parent's backyard under their Camellia tree/bush.  It is a nice peaceful spot.

Missy Roo you will be missed.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Called the Animal Hospital this morning to check up on Lucaya.  No real change.  Medication was helping with her discomfort and she was sitting up and alert.  Told me to call back later in the afternoon to talk with the original doctor that had admitted her.

Went to church.  Very emotional.  I don't want her to be in pain.  Am I going to have to put her down?  If not, what is her quality of life going to be?

Get home from church and call the doctor.  She says that Lucaya is showing a LITTLE bit of improvement.  That she looks to be regaining color in her paw and is moving her leg a little although still not putting wieght on it.  She told me that I could come in and visit her and that maybe we could get her to eat.

My mom, sister, and I went in to visit her.  The cat we saw was very alert and even hobbling around a little.  Not at all like she had been the night before.  My mom, sister, and I commented that this is not an animal you would look at and think to put to sleep.  The doctor said that I could probably take her home in the morning.  I was feeling really good.  As long as she wasn't going to be in pain and just gimpy I was OK with that.

Left the hospital feeling relieved. And went home to figure out how to make our home ADA compliant for a disabled kitty.  :o)  As we were still unsure about whether she would regain full or partial use of her leg.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Gingerbread House

Yes, you heard me right, Gingerbread House.  We bought this gingerbread house kit for Christmas and just never got around to putting it together. 

The kit was set aside and forgotten.  Some how Payton found it and asked if we could put it together.  Unfortunately, everytime we thought about it it was time for bed...After weeks of asking we finally did it.

Lincoln was happy to help out too, especially when daddy kept squirting frosting on his finger.  Ha!  Ha!

Payton was so excited, the whole time we were working on it. When she gets really excited about something she talks and talks and talks.  You get a play by play of what is happening or of what will be happening.   It was so cute! 

She was even more excited to start eating it.  :o)

My trip to the ER

It isn't what you think.  I am talking about the Emergecy Animal Hospital.  About eight o'clock Saturday evening Dave called out to me that my cat, Lucay,a was under our bed and wouldn't come out.  I heard him telling her to get out and he told me that he couldn't reach her but nudged her with a backpack that was under the bed to "encourage" her out but it didn't work.  (Dave is allergic to my cats and they are not allowed in our room.)  I knew when he said that she didn't move that something was wrong.

I went in the bedroom and found that she had moved to the far side of the bed to where I could reach her.  I asked, "You OK Lucaya?"  She just looked at me and I could tell something wasn't right.  I took hold of her scruff and slid her toward me so that I could pick her up.  It was so weird, I could tell she was uncomfortable, maybe even in pain but she wasn't hollering like you would expect a pained animal to be.  When I set her down in the dinning room I noticed her front right paw was folded under.  I thought that looked weird, so reached down to feel it and she really didn't do anything.  I told Dave, "I think something is wrong.  Do you think she broke her foot? leg?"  Again, wouldn't she be screaming in pain?

I called my mom for her thoughts and said that I should take her in to the ER, that it sounded like she broke her leg.

Dave went to go get the carrier and I started trying to find someone to come sit at the house with the kiddos.  I did not want to go by myself.  Unfortunately, no one we tried was available.  As it worked out Dave's family was at the movie accross the street from the hospital and Ashley and Ralph met me over there when the movie was over.

I walked into the hospital and told them I thought my cat had broken her leg.  Then sat down to wait our turn.  I am so glad Ashley was there.  She was so calming to me and Lucaya in the moments to come. 

I took Lucaya out of the carrier in the exam room and the technician instead of saying yup it looks like she has broken her leg asked if she had ever been diagnosed with a heart murmur.  I answered, "Nope." and thought what a funny question.  Ashley and I talked about how usually when a cat hurts their leg or foot they lift it up and hers was just dragging limp.  That is when we thought maybe she dislocated her shoulder jumping off the cat tower.

The doctor came in and did her exam and said that Lucaya had not broken her leg but suspected that she had heart disease and had thrown a blood clot to her front right leg.  What?  I asked, "Are you sure?"  She said that Lucaya had a galloping heart rate and that her heart was beating so fast that she could even count her beats, she said that the pads of her limp foot were pale in color and that the foot itself was cool to the touch. 

My mind is swirling.  I knew something was wrong.  I wish I had been right with the broken leg.  I am not prepared to make any life discisions in regards to Lucaya.  Now all of a sudden people are throwing terms like Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, Congestive Heart Failure, and Aortic Thromboembolism.  What is happening?

The doctor confirmed with X-Ray that her right and left atrium were enlarged and her lungs were "dirty" suggesting that she was in the early stages of Congestive Heart Failure.  The doctor told me to give her 24 hours to try and pass the clot and regain circulation to her front leg.  She said that they would put her on pain killers and medication to prevent further clots from forming.  She said the likelyhood that she would throw another clot was high.

I got home around 1 in the morning.  Num.  Scared.  Worried.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Craft Night

The Bernal Ward Craft Group was at my house tonight.  There was a nice group that came and I had so much fun visiting with eveyone there. 

I wish I was talented enough to be able to visit and complete a craft at the same time.  Ha! Ha!  I have the same problem when I get together with my friends in Gilroy for Crafty Lady Night.  I think of all the time I have gone I have only ever completed two things.  My nursing cover and addressing and putting stamps on my Christmas cards (is that even a craft?).  Tonight I watched my friends make a necklace, needle work, scrapbook, and put together quiet books for church.  Where is my ability to multitask?  The only thing I multitasked was talking and snacking.  LOL

Maybe I just need to plan better.  Let's see how I do at Crafty Lady Night in Gilroy next Wednesday.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What is this world coming to?

I called Payton to come and eat lunch and she came in carrying an old laptop that Dave had given her to play with.  I didn't think anything of it, she always carries that last thing she was playing with to the table.  A few minutes later I turn around to this.

What the heck?  So funny!

Pampered Chef

I went to a pampered chef show that my friend Aimee threw a while back and agreed to throw pampered chef party of my own.  The consultant was talking about the different kinds of partys you could hold and mentioned a power cooking show.  I have been wanting to get a group together to cook meals in advance for a while now.  Don't know why.  Just thought it would be fun.  And great for those nights when I have no idea what to cook.  :o)

I set it up so that any of my guests could take two meals home with them as well, all they had to do was pay for groceries.  I was excited to see that so many of my friends and family were going to be able to come.  I went out and bought four, four packs of turkey from costco and all of the other ingredients needed to make the meals for myself and everyone that said they wanted to participate. 

It started the night before and continued during the day of my party.  One by one my friends and family called saying they couldn't make it for one reason or another.  I have to admit that my feelings were hurt.  I don't normally throw things like this because of this reason. I know that things come up that prevent people from being able to do things but my insecureness raises its ugly head and I just "know" that people are cancelling because they don't like me enough to come or something.  Sounds stupid, I know.  Whatever.

In the end, it was a great night.  I had a good time and I think everyone else did as well.  I am just glad that it didn't end up just being me and the consultant and that my fear of ending up with a year's supply of ground turkey did not come true.  :o)  In truth I didn't even care if anyone bought anything, I just wanted the meals.  Ha!  Ha!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Payton helps out.

I asked Dave the other day if he thought Payton was too young to have a couple of chores and if she wasn't then what should we have her help with.  He didn't think she was too young and commented that she loves "helping".  We both thought it would be really good for her to help out with setting and clearing the table and maybe even helping to make the dinner with certain meals.

I am horrible at remembering to have her do her "responsibilities".  But Dave is pretty good at remembering and is very patient in helping her to do it.  She did a really good job setting the table and even helped do the dishes after dinner.  I had to take a picture of her drying dishes.  It was so cute.  She just looks so small, too small to be doing it.  I love it!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Busy Day!

Happy Birthday Mom! 

My mother spent the day with my grandmother taking care of Payton, Lincoln, Caeden, and Maddix while eveyone else helped Jen and Anthony moved into their new place.  I imagine this was not exactly how my mother would have choosen to spend her birthday, but she did it graciously.  I know it wasn't easy on her especially with her recent injuries.  Thank you for all you do.  I hope the kiddos at least behaved themselves.  :o)

Yes, you did hear me right.  Jen and Anthony found a great place to live!  Yay!  It is a way cute house in an awesome neighborhood in Willow Glen.  The landlords have done a wonderful job keeping up this home and I am so excited that Jen and Anthony were able to find it.  I hope they have nothing but good experiences with this home.

After we got all of Jen and Anthony's things moved over to the house we stopped for a little birthday dinner for my mother.  Unfortuantely, she is very restricted in what she can eat so we couldn't really take her out for dinner.  She forsaw this and had prepared her own little meal in advance.  The rest of us got Hawiian BBQ take out.  Yummy!

After dinner my mom and grandma along with the kids wanted to see Jen and Anthony's new place so we all headed out for the showing.  Everyone loved the place and it was so cute to see how excited Caeden and Payton were with Caeden's new room.  We all visited for a little bit and headed home.  When we walked in we found a big puddle of water on the floor next to the dinning room slider door and water leaking in from the top of the door and through the molding.  Ahhh!  Maybe I should go back a little and explain that it had been raining ALL day.  We thought we had had this leak fixed...I guess not.  Dave spent 20 minutes out on a ladder in our atrium, in the rain.  He was soaked and not a happy camper when he came back in.  I guess we are back to square one.  Where is the water getting in?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Chorale Concert

Tonight Dave and I attended a Chorale concert that Dave's mom, Michelle, sang in.  Each concert has had a theme of sorts and this one was broadway.  They did a really nice job and I really enjoyed the concert.  Some of the songs I recognized and sang along with in my head, like the song from Le Miserable.  Other songs were familiar but I could only associate them with the toilet paper commercial it was used in.  Ha! Ha!

It was a fun evening.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Payton, Lincoln, and I were out in the courtyard having a picnic and enjoying the nice weather.  Then I hear the words, "Mommy, I have to go potty!" 

Payton is to the point that she can go into the bathroom and get started on her own she just needs help "finishing up".  So I told her to go in and get started and I would be in in a minute. 

As I walked into the bathroom my eyes immedeately went to a suspicious pile on the floor, then splatters on the front of the toilet, and lastly splatters on the shower curtain. 

Where do I even start?  Yuck!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Shower Troubles

This morning I was giving Lincoln a bath in the bottom of my shower.  We have one of those shower heads with a hose so I can bring the sprayer down and spray the kids off.  The sprayer also has a switch to let you have a softer spray or a harder spray.  Usually I use the soft spray when bathing the kiddos, if I set the sprayer down to wash their hair or something it has just enough power to make a short little fountain, nothing crazy.  Just as I was finishing up I switched the sprayer to "high power" and without even thinking I set it down...That sprayer started spraying all over but mostly at my face.  I must have looked rediculous, arms straight out in front of me with the stream of water hitting me in the face while I am screaming trying to grab that shower head.  Poor Lincoln didn't know whether to cry or laugh.

My dad called me this afternoon and told me that he was in the ER with my mom.  She tripped out in the driveway and her head hit the pavement.  My dad was really worried that she broke her jaw because of the way her face was swelling.  After many hours in the ER they were happy to report that she had no broken bones.  Unfortunately because of her medication allergies, all she can take is asprin.  Ouch!

Tonight my friend Britney had a "Bachelor Party" and invited a bunch of ladies over to watch the final rose ceremony.  My sister and I went over and had so much fun watching Bachelor, everyone's commentary was hilarious.  There were lots of yummy goodies.  Jillian would not have been happy with me.  Ha!  Ha!  It reminded me of when I first started watching Bachelor, there was a group of us that always got together and watched it.  Good times!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pressure Cooker Success...Sort Of.

Today was our Relief Society Women's Conference.  It was awesome!

I particularly liked one of the classes I took about Friendship.  It really made me take a look at the different types of friendships I have in my life and also got me thinking about the kind of friend I am to others.  I am truely blessed to have so many friends in my life!

On another note, I bought a pressure cooker about a month ago out of curiousity and have yet to really try it out.  I want to use it, I just haven't found any recipes that are "Quick and Easy" or that don't overwhelm me with the number of ingredients and/or the number of steps.  :o)

My sister and I just decided to try it out and make up our own recipe.  We threw in a pork roast, a can of pineapple, bell peppers, salt, honey, and soy sauce.  Our excitment over our experimental recipe ended about half way through the cooking time...We were hungry.  Dave ran to Little Ceasar's and we ate pizza.  However, when it was finally done we did sample a little and it was delicious.  It made a great Sunday lunch!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Play Date at My House!

After weeks of mismatched schedules and sick kiddos we finally had our "Gilroy" Play Date here in San Jose.  Hooray!  I was so happy when it turned out to be such a beautiful day.  My mom and I thought it would be fun to have some games planned.  GAME ON!

The first game we played was actually a race across the backyard.  Each child got a big spoon and a cotton ball that they had to keep on the spoon the whole time.  Turned out to be fun but a real challenge at the same time.  Where did that wind come from.  LOL

Our next game was supposed to be a contest to see who could keep their balloon off the ground the longest.  However, we thought with the wind and such it might be better to see who could kick their balloon across the backyard the fastest.  Who knew that the balloons would unpredictably pop when in contact with the grass?  These balloons have outlasted three children using them as one of those balls you bounce on for days but touch the grass and POP!  So on the the next idea, Red Light Green Light.

This picture is the start of a very exciting game of Red Light Green Light.  :o)

Red Light!  (When Payton and I play together I always do a funny pose when she says "Red Light", hence the way I am standing.)

We also did a bean bag toss into different sizes of laundry baskets/storage bins. 

Since everyone was all together we took the opportunity to take a group picture.  This picture is of all the kiddos in age order from youngest to oldest.  We actually got all the kids to at least look up.  Yay!  What you don't see is one person taking a picture and four others singing and dancing around behind the person taking the picture in an effort to get everyone to look up.  Should of got a picture of that!  Ha!  Ha!

Benjamin, Lincoln, Dylan, Caeden, Sadie, Payton, Gage, and Rayne (Not pictured, Charolette.  She was napping.)

I think we all had a great time!  Success!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lincoln Feeds Mommy

This is really funny, just unfortunate that mommy is in the video too.  :o)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Play Date at the Marr's

I love going to the Marr's house for play dates we always have so much fun! 

The weather was so nice today.  We had a little picnic on the lawn and then the kids ran around the lawn, played with a wide array of toys, and jumped on the trampoline.  Sister Marr even brought out POPSICLES!!!  I am so glad Lincoln didn't seem to notice them, he would have been a huge mess.  LOL

Sister Marr, thank you so much for having us all over.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Payton and I made brownies today.  I will be honest, I wanted a brownie with my frozen yogurt and I know Payton loves to "help out" in the kitchen.  :o) 

Yes, I let her lick the beater.  Every kid has to do it at least once.  ;O)

Viola, a 140 calorie brownie bite.  Not really low calorie but yummy just the same.

On to my workouts...I want a workout buddy so bad.  My sister is fizzling out on me.  It is so much more fun working out with someone than it is working out alone.  I have had workout buddies before but most only last for a few days to a week and then never come again.  Am I that bad?  I have even tried changing when I work out.  Early mornings not good for you?  No problem, let's workout after work.  But still it only lasts about a week.

I guess I am just destined to workout alone.  At least Jillian is there for me.  LOL

Monday, March 7, 2011

Sweet Retreat Run

Jen, Anthony, Dave and I went through a 3 gallon tub of Treat Company's Frozen Yogurt in two weeks.  I have a major addiction to the stuff and have pulled my sister in too. :O) 

Since we ran out, we HAD to get some more.  Hee!  Hee!  Jen went with me this time since I couldn't just leave the kiddos in the car while parked in a back alley.  I sware I feel like I am taking part in some kind of drug deal or something.

Does it make it sound better that we also go through a Costco container of raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries in one week?  That yogurt loaded up with fruit (and a little drizzle of chocolate syrup) is amazing!  I love it!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Daddy is so funny!

Tonight Dave came out of the bedroom after changing Lincoln's diaper and said with an amazed face, "It was a tender act of mercy that more poop didn't leak out of that diaper.  That boy pooped a whole blueberry patch."

My sister and I could't stop laughing.  The way Dave phrases thing is hilarious to me.  LOL

Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Gage!

Today we went to Miller Park in Gilroy to celebrate Gage's birthday and had so much fun! 

The celebration was supposed to start at Pump It Up in Morgan Hill.  Aimee told us that we should call ahead and get a reservation so that we would be guaranteed a spot to play.  Both my friend Cassy and I called in to make our reservation and the people we talked to said that we really didn't have to do that, that they usually only filled up on holidays and/or when kids are out of school.  Neither of us ended up making the reservation and neither of us were able to get in, they sold out...

Even though Payton and Rayne were bummed about not getting in to Pump It Up they quickly were wistling a happy tune when we got to the park early for them to play.  They played so well together.  It was great!  While they were playing Lincoln was just running around.  It turns out Linc may be a natural soccer player.  I got a short video of him kicking the ball around.  Daddy is so proud.  :o)

Aimee did a great job planning the party.  The weather was awesome!  It was such a great idea to have the party at the park, that kids were able to run and play without being confined to a house.  She had a few games planned, a Batman and Robin version of Duck, Duck, Goose and pop the ballons to get a candy.  It was so neat to watch Payton, she actually got Duck, Duck, Goose!  I am such a proud mommy. :o)  As for the pop the balloon game, I wasn't sure who was going to win Payton's love of balloons or Payton's love of candy.  It turns out her love of candy won out.  Ha! Ha!

Juice, pizza, and cupcakes were eaten by all.  It was such a nice afternoon.  Happy Birthday Gage!  We hope you had a fun day.

Tonight Dave and I went to the movie to see Unknown.  It was OK, definately better than the last movie we went to (I can't remember the name of it).  After the movie we ate dinner at Panda Express in the food court followed by Cold Stone for dessert.  What a romantic evening!  :O)  I am so glad that we have started going on date nights, it is so nice getting out just the two of us.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lunch with Daddy

Dave has been lucky enough to work with his best friend for the last 10 years or so.  It is like they gravitate toward each other.  I think they have worked together at about 3 different places.  Must be nice.  :o)

Today we went to have lunch in Palo Alto with Dave.  It was a lot of fun because there was a group of us that went.  Johnny and his wife, Anna, and Jeremy and his wife, Josie, and their baby.  We went to California Pizza Kitchen, yummy.  The kids did really well and were very well behaved.  Yay!

We did have one little tantrum when I handed Johnny Payton's plate to give to her and she noticed that there was broccoli on it.  She started crying, "I don't want broccoli!" over and over again.  So Johnny set the plate down flicked the broccoli off onto the table and said, "Look, no broccoli."  She looked at him with big eyes, my mounth dropped open.  Whatever!  I'll give her this one.

I had a California Pizza.  It was really good, but contained more calories that I am supposed to eat in one day.  I told myself that once I reached my goal weight that I still wanted to eat good and watch my calories but that if we went out to eat that I would be able to order whatever I wanted and not worry about it.  This is the first time I went over my calories in one meal since I started with Jillian's program.  I have to admit that I am feeling a little guilty.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cough Attack...

Today while I was on the phone with a friend of mine I started coughing.  I coughed and coughed and coughed non stop.  My friend kept asking if I needed water, and if I was OK.  During one really intense part of the fit my phone dropped the call.  My friend was like, "Wait!" and thinking "Is she OK?" and trying to call me back.  Well, I ended up coughing so hard that I threw up several times.  Yikes!

Payton has been all about playing dress up lately.  Everyday I hear, "Mommy, can I play dress up?"  Well, now she not only want to play dress up but she wants to act things out.  Because she always wants to be Cinderella, she now wants a carriage.  How do I make a carriage?  I'll tell you how I make a carriage.

I take laundry baskets, put a blanket in the bottom and a couch pillow to lean against and viola, a carriage.  They all loved them!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Play Date at Mya's

Today Payton, Lincoln, and I went to play at my friend Mya's house with her, her kids, and our other friend Anna.  So much fun!  The kids all played really well together, and so did we.  :O)  It was so nice.  Payton did NOT want to leave, and I heard about it all the way home.  Thank you Mya for having us over,

I have been looking for ways of cutting calories but also trying to figure out how we can "eat healthier".  When I was on www.hungry I found a pasta that had 130 calories per serving as opposed to the usual 210. Yahoo!  It actually tasts like regular pasta.  Nice.  It is a little more expensive than the regular pasta that you can buy in the grocery stores but I think it is well worth it.  The brand is Fiber Gourmet.

On another note, Fiber Gourmet also makes snacks and desserts.  Wheat Crackers like Wheatables and Cheese Snacks like Chesse Nips both with about half the calories.  I wish I could say that these snacks tasted the same as the the regular snack but they really don't.  They aren't horrible but are not something I would crave either.  The cheese ones are definately better than the wheat ones.  They also make brownies...I am not sure if it was an error on the part of the person making it or if they are just horrible but, YUCK!

For some reason this cough is really hanging on.  It is horrible.  I was fine all day and then something caught me really funny after dinner which sent me into a coughing fit.  I coughed and coughed and coughed some more.  I coughed so hard that I gave myself a bloody nose.  How does that happen?