Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I have started a workout program called Insanity. It is my attempt to return to my pre pregnancy weight as quickly as possible. :o)

A couple of my friends have done it and have been very happy with the results. My sister also started the program and was really enjoying it until she got pregnant.

I don't know what I was expecting. I think I was hoping I would start dropping weight immediately, however that has not been the case. My measurements haven't changed and my weight hasn't budged. I have not missed a day of the program yet and I just started week 4. I have not been following the Insanity meal plan but have been doing better about watching what I am eating. Frustrating, very frustrating.

Dave's mom, Michelle, thinks that my body just needs to hang onto the weight for a while because I am nursing. Others say that maybe I am not eating enough or that I may be working out too hard. Blahhh! I just have to realize that Lincon is only 11 weeks old and that it took a year to get back to my pre pregnancy weight with Payton (those last 5 pounds just would not budge).

Kimberly be patient!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lincoln is Two Months Old!

Two Months Old
12 pounds, 13 ounces
24 1/2 inches long

He is such a handsome little man!

A Trip to the Oakland Zoo

Friday was my mom's birthday and for her birthday she wanted to spend the day doing something fun with her grandkids. So off to the zoo we went!

Three kids and two strollers. Mom and I agreed that for best results you should have one adult to every child and stroller. Caeden and Payton were not interested in staying in the strollers at all and for that matter neither was Lincoln. So here we are trying to convince Payton that she wants to be on a lease, Caeden is running in the other direction, and Lincoln is wanting to be held. Two of us trying to manage pushing a stroller and walking a toddler. LOL we must have been a sight.

Ah yes, here we are in the parking lot heading into the park. Notice the girls are in the stroller, this is the last time you will see them there.

Elephants! Payton related all the animals to characters in Lion King and Aladdin. The elephants were Abu (when he was an elephant). We saw Timon and Pumba as well!

At the petting area. These little goats were so funny. They would walk straight up to me and basically put their head against my leg and just stand their waiting for me to pet them. How do goats like to be petted anyway?

Fun times! I would love to go again, get there earlier in the day and take our time so the girls can go at their own pace and take it all in. Plus next time we will know that we can bring in our own food!

Cayden's Birthday Party

Thursday we were able to go to Payton's friend's birthday party at Pump It Up in Morgan Hill. It was so much fun.

Payton is getting so big. She went down one of the bigger slides all by herself! I couldn't believe it. No coaxing or anything, she just went.

She loved this car. She played in it for the longest time instead of doing any bouncing.

She has also started wanting her hands in her pockets all the time.

This was the first time she ate pizza without me cutting it up for her.

Thanks Jamie and Cayden for inviting us. We had lots of fun celebrating your birthday!

Sleeping Beauty

Payton loves watching Aladdin and is still watching it daily. But now she also likes to watch Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella.

This video is her singing and dancing to the song in Sleeping Beauty "I know you...". She is so fun!

Play Date at the park

We went to Sunrise Park in Gilroy for our play date this past Monday. The girls had a lot of fun and so did the mommies!

I happened to catch a funniest home video moment while we were there. Please don't think I am a bad mom for laughing at my daughter. :o)

Fruit Loop Necklaces

We made Fruit Loop Necklaces the other day with Payton's cousin Caeden. They were still a little young to do it all by themselves but we had fun.

Stringing the Fruit Loops onto curling ribbon.

The finished product.

Please notice that I didn't make her do a color pattern. :o)

You mean we can eat it too!

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Bumbo Chair

Lincoln loves sitting up. He prefers it to being reclined or lying on his back. This past week we got the bumbo chair back from my sister. He has loved it! He is only in it for a few minutes at a time but is all smiles during those few minutes.

Way cute picture of both my babies. You can't help but love them.

Hanging With the Big Kids

We go to playdates on Mondays with some of my friends and their kids.

Dylan and Lincoln are the newest members of the little play group. I decided to try and get a picture of Lincoln on the little couch with some of the kids from the play group. I had to include both pictures since I couldn't get them all looking at the camera at the same time. :o)

Payton's Hair

I get a lot of comments on Payton's hair.
Double French Braids

Don't know what you would call this...


Pig Tail Loops

Pig Tails

Not sure what you would call this either...

Mostly people ask how I get her to sit still. LOL I started out by taking a friends advice and having her brush her teeth while sitting with her feet in the sink. Since then I have also expanded to giving her the box with all of her hair things in it, having her watch Aladdin or Elmo's World, or sitting her in front of Lincoln. In other words I do my best to distract her. ;o)
This particular day she decided to copy me. I thought it was cute and had Dave take a picture.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Kimberly the Photographer

So a few years ago Dave wanted to buy this really nice camera. You all know what that means...lots of $$$$. He wanted to get into wedding photography or sports photography for area high schools. I made him promise that if we did get the camera that he would make money with it. He agreed...Oh well, at least I can take cool photos of the kidlits with it, or try too. :o) Here are my attempts for the day. Not too bad for an amateur.

I call this one "Contentment"

And this one "The Pout"

Cooper's First Birthday Party

On Saturday we all went to our friends Maya and Garith's son Cooper's first birthday party. They had a petting zoo with goats, chickens, and bunnies. There was also a pony that the kids could ride.

I am always excited to see how Payton reacts to things in real life. What I mean is that she recognizes all kinds of animals in pictures, puzzles, and her toys. She knows what they are and the noises they make. But you don't think to be scared of a spider when you are looking at a picture of one however, when one pops out from behind the couch it makes some people scream. So how would she react to a goat that comes up to her and checks her out for food or a pony that towers over her?

Dave said she charged in the pen like she owned the place. She loved all the animals. Me...I don't mind chickens from a distance but I wouldn't want to pet one or pick one up. You go girl!

I love horses and would love to go riding all the time. I am not saying that I am great at it, I have just always loved horses. I thought it would be fun to see Payton ride a horse. She showed no fear. Walked right up, put on a helmet, and jumped aboard. She even went an extra trip around the court! When she got down from the horse, we took off her helmet and she immedeately picked it back up and asked to go again.

She is so fun. Isn't she cute!