Thursday, June 18, 2009

Home for Sale.

So the long process of trying to get a loan modification has come to an end. Unfortunately, the bank says we are not qualified for a loan modification. Next step...Short sale.

We put the house on the MLS last week and already had several offers before anyone even viewed our home. This market is definately different than it was when I was trying to sell my condo. There have been so many people coming in and out of our home. It is crazy.

I have moments where I am fine with having to move and then I have those moments when I am very sad and almost panicked because I don't know where we are going to live or when we will have to move. There is so much uncertainty with this whole process. Will the bank even accept any of the offers we submit to them?

I just hope that this process continues to go smoothly. I also hope that it goes quickly so that we can move on with the next step.

Friday, June 5, 2009

A mouth full of teeth!

Oh my gosh, Dave and I have totally been blessed with having a baby that pretty much slept through the night since she was one month old. Last week Payton had a couple of really bad nights and I thought I was going to die from exhaustion.

She had what seemed like a really bad cold. Yup, snot all over the place. I figured she was probably teething but didn't see anything poking through. Then I saw it, one of the front bottom teeth coming in. Not sure which one, the ones that are just outside of the center bottom two. I thought, "Man, she hasn't been bothered too much by teething before I hate to she what she does with the rest of her teeth." Yesterday morning I was changing her diaper and noticed something on her gums. I thought, "Does she had a sore on her gums?" That is when I saw them, she not only got the front side one but also 3 maybe 4 of her one year mollars. Yikes! No wonder...