Saturday, July 31, 2010

Princess Party

Payton was invited to a princess birthday party for her friend Willow.  Payton loves princesses and was very excited to find out that she was going to get to dress up as a princess for the party.

Tess did a great job with all aspects of the party from the games to the decorations.  I think all the kids had a blast!  I know Payton talked about it for days after.  She was so cute.  

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Since Dave and I are still living with Dave's family, Lincoln is still sleeping in our room. 

At around 12:30 in the morning Dave and I heard weasing and coughing sounds coming from Lincoln's basinet.  My first thought was that he was having some kind of allergic reaction.  Dave went right over to him and jerked him out of bed thinking he was choking or something.  Then I flipped on the light so that we could see if he was turning blue.  Then he started crying and having more trouble breathing.

Can you blame him though, you are fast asleep when all of a sudden you find that you cannot breathe, then someone yanks you out of bed and starts pounding on your back, and lastly all the lights in the room are flipped on and everyone is staring at you...I think I would start crying too.

To make a long story short, we took Lincoln to the ER and by the time we got there he looked find.  He was happy as a clam smiling at everyone.  The longer we sat in the waiting room the more I regretted bringing him in.  But fortunately, the internet, nurses, and doctor told us we did the right thing by bringing him in.  The only sign that anything was wrong was went he got upset when they took his temp...rectally. Then the cough and weasing sound that we heard reappeared.

Fortunately, all he needed was a dose of oral steroids. 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Payton, Lincoln, and I met up with our Gilroy friends to see Curious George in Morgan Hill.  We had so much fun! Payton was so cute, she was so excited and wanted to sit with her friends.  I love to see her so happy.
After the movie we decided to get lunch and take it to the park so we could continue to visit.  Fun times!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Miss Independent

Payton is doing awesome when it comes to potty training.  I won't say it hasn't come with its share of accidents but overall she does very well.  However, the one thing she hasn't totally mastered yet is wiping and I won't say it is for lack of trying.  This is what I found after I had left her alone for a few minutes. 

Thursday, July 1, 2010

We bought a house!

After over 10 months of looking and a lot of waiting this little home is ours!

Dave and I are so excited about our new home.  I can definitely say that a year or two down the road we will not be saying that we wished we had looked around more or that we jumped into this way too fast.  :o)  I think we looked at well over 50 houses and put in between 8 - 10 offers.  Yikes! 

Through this whole process I prayed that we would find a place that 1) we could afford, 2) met our needs, and 3) we would feel safe and comfortable in.  I will admit that although there were quite a few little things that I would like to have had in a home (ex. inside laundry room) that this house doesn't possess; thankfully it does meet all the criteria I prayed for.

This picture is just a sneak peek.  There are many projects that will be under taken prior to us moving in, some a necessity and others because of preference.

Fun times ahead!