Thursday, April 17, 2014

To Utah

And we are off Utah!  I am so glad the kids take after Dave and not me when it comes to flying because I am a nervous wreck.

The kids were so excited to see their cousins.  Not entirely sure how Lincoln ended up with a hose but he and Grace and a great time with it for quite a while and came in the house soaked.

Austin LOVES William, he is so sweet with him.  It is adorable!  In this picture he was singing to him.  Cute!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Gymnastics and Adventure Hour

Lincoln and Austin have start taking gymnastics and they love it.  Lincoln is in a beginner class and Austin and I are taking a Mommy and Me class.  Schedule wise it is great because their classes are at the same time.  But mommy wise it is hard to watch Lincoln and see how he is doing because I am in a class with Austin.

Well, today Austin is under the weather so he stayed home and I brought Lincoln to class.  It was fun to get to watch him and take pictures. 

Payton was out of school today so she came with me and we stayed for Adventure Hour after Lincoln's class.  She wants to take gymnastics so bad.  They had such a good time playing at the gym.  I love their facial expressions.


Saturday, April 12, 2014


The kids have been asking and asking for a treehouse.  We have no tree for a treehouse...  But when we had this box after having to replace our water heater they decided it made the perfect "treehouse".

They decorated it.

Got stuck trying to climb in through a window.

Then took a little rest in it.  Hours of fun.  Nice!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Easter Party and Mohawks

Today was Payton's Kindergarten Easter Party.  I am so grateful for a class photographer that takes pictures of all the activities so that I can take a peek at the activity when I can't be there.

I know they had a picnic lunch and had an Easter Egg hunt.  It looks like they had a lot of fun.

Guess who got a haircut today.  Guess who ended up with a Mohawk.  Haha!  He told me that he wanted hair like Uncle Rob.  I was a little unsure about going short short so I started  a little longer.  He kept saying, "shorter mom, shorter."  so I went shorter.  As I was cutting it I thought it would be funny, as a joke, to cut a Mohawk and send the picture to Dave.  Little did I know that Dave and Lincoln would love it.  There have definitely been mixed opinions about it but I think he looks like a little stud.

And I think I did a pretty good job cutting it.  :o)

Monday, April 7, 2014


Today was our weekly play date with Payton's friend Emery.  Last time she was here we planned to decorate Easter cookies the next time she came over.  Payton didn't let me forget to make the cookies or get the icing ready, they were all excited to decorate. 

They did great!  I never cease to be amazed by kids' creativity.  It is awesome and I love how into it they were. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


This little boy LOVES puddles.  Yesterday we did not have rain boots and he left soaked.  Today I was prepared.  So cute!