Monday, February 27, 2012


My mom called last night and asked if we were going to be home and wanted company today.  She said that my dad would drop her off on his way up to work if we wanted to visit for the day.  Of course we said, "Yes!"

With my dad dropping her off that means she got to our house at around 5:00 in the morning.  She had asked about possibly going to the gym with me in the morning so I called and got the information on getting her a pass for the day and I actually had a buddy at the gym.  :o)  I don't think she will be turning into a gym rat anytime soon.  Ha!  Ha!  I think she had fun but from her comments it sounded like she preferred exercising in the privacy of her own home.  I totally understand and have been there before.  I remember working out at a new gym.  I wasn't familiar with the layout and felt like everyone was staring at me thinking, "Who's the newbie?"  Ha!  Ha!  Whatever, I am sure some people probably people watch at the gym but I have been known to not even see a friend of mine on the treadmill next to me.  LOL

When we got home I got the kids up and ready and fed them breakfast then decided to pull out one of Payton's Christmas gifts to occupy them while I got ready.  Plus I thought my mom would probably have fun doing it with them since she did give it to Payton.  It was a cardboard castle that you can color and then set up.  It was a huge success and kept them occupied while both mom and I took turns getting ready and that was just the coloring part.  That did not include the fun they had after we put it together.  :o)

Lincoln was pretending to be in jail.  Ha! Ha!

Can't play inside the castle without being in costume.  :o)  I think Lincoln even had his sword in there at one point.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Happy Hollow...again

This is actually our third trip to Happy Hollow this week!  It has been so nice outside we just couldn't stay inside.

Today was extra special because Dave got to come with us, as well as, Grandma Sandy, Great Grandma Vella, Auntie Jen, and Caeden and Maddix.

Today we started with the animals instead of the rides.  We haven't been over to the petting area since last year.  The goats didn't seem to scare the kiddos too much this time.  Both Lincoln and Payton brushed the goats but ran at the idea of feeding them.  Ha! Ha!  Oh well.

I love this picture of the kids waiting in line.  They were waiting to go on the Frog Hopper.  Payton and Caeden had been on it before but Lincoln had not and I wasn't sure he was tall enough.  He actually wasn't but the guy let him go anyway.  

Auntie Jen was brave and went on with the kids.  Lincoln didn't do too bad but I don't think it is or will be a favorite ride of Caeden or Payton's anytime soon!  :o)

The lady bug ride was more their speed.

Lincoln like the police car and firetruck ride the least for today.  Look at that smile.

So cute!  I love it!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Hollow

We met up with a couple of friends at Happy Hollow today.

It is always a fun day when we go to Happy Hollow.  From the time we get there the kids run and run.  Right now they love the rides, the puppet shows, the animals, the jungle gym, etc.  I am not looking forward to the day that they outgrow this place.

Today we had a special treat, the kids got to meet Danny the Dragon.  I was surprised when Lincoln went running up to meet him and then not so surprised to see him turn tail and run when Danny turned around to give him a high five.  :o)

On our way home we stopped by McDonald's for milkshakes.  Can you believe this is Payton and Lincoln's first milkshake experience!  In a mile and a half they both finished their milkshakes.  Ha! Ha!

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Last Saturday we decided to take the kids bowling.  Who knew it would be SO busy?  There was a 2 hour wait!  Needles to say that we did not stay for bowling but promised the kids that we would be back the next Saturday.

This time we got there as the bowling alley opened.  No wait!  In fact, we were the only ones there.  :o)  The kids had so much fun.  We met up with Auntie Ashley, Uncle Anthony, Caeden, and Maddix.

It was so fun watching them carry the ball.  Fortunately, no one dropped the ball on their toes.  Payton and Lincoln even tried bowling like daddy instead of doing the granny shot.  :o)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Lincoln's Trip to the ER

Payton and I are in the kitchen and "SLAM!" I hear a door slam shut and Lincoln start crying. I head back to Lincoln's bedroom as he is coming down the hall and that is when I see the BIG gash on his forehead. Then comes the blood...lots and lots of blood.

I feel myself start to panic just a little but then I hear Payton's panicked cry behind me, "Mommy, there is so much blood." I snapped out of panic mode really quick and knew I had to stay calm. I picked up Lincoln, grabbed a washcloth, started applying pressure, and went back out to the kitchen for my phone.

My first thought was, "I need to get Lincoln to the hospital, but how do I get him there and still apply pressure to his head." So I called my friend, neighbor, and nurse to see if she could come over and help me but unfortunately her phone was on silent and she didn't notice my call. Next I called another friend of mine and asked her if she could come over and help me. Fortunately, she was in her car with all her girls already and headed right over.

I called Dave and told him that I needed him to come home, that Lincoln gashed open his forehead, and I needed to get him to the hospital. He said, "Call 911!"

I call 911 and they went over how to control/stop the bleeding while they sent the EMTs to our house. My friend, Jessie, was the first to get here. She took one look at Lincoln and said, "Hey Payton, do you want to come to my house and play?" Payton was ready to go. As Jessie was getting Payton into the car the firetrucks pulled up. I was so glad when they got here. I hadn't realized how bad I was shaking until they took over.

Fortunately, Lincoln was fine and was just going to need some stitches. They said we didn't need to take the ambulance and that we could just take him. Dave had called his dad who got here about that time and said he could take us. So the EMT cleaned and bandaged up Lincoln's head for the trip.

This is a picture of Lincoln after he had been cleaned up but before the stitches. At this point he had been examined by the PA. She had taken us into a room pulled back the bandage the EMTs had put on him, then walked out of the room. As soon as she left the room I looked down and he had started bleeding again. Evidently, when she pulled back the bandage she pulled it open again...

Dave and I start frantically looking around for something to put on it and couldn't find anything. I finally noticed the paper towel dispenser hanging on the wall and pointed it out to Dave. It was a motion activated one and it seemed that no amount of dancing in front of the thing was going to get it to spit out any paper towels. It was certainly funny to watch Dave try though. ;o) Eventually, it did spit out about 6 inches of paper towel and right after Dave hit jack pot and found the drawer with the gauze.

We ended up having to wait a little while for the plastic surgeon to come. Dave insisted that we wait for one instead of just letting anyone do it. At first I thought he was just being silly, but after watching the plastic surgeon stitch him up I am glad we waited. Lincoln was such a trooper, as long as no one touched his head he was happy as a clam. Dave was so smart and thought to bring a Nook with a bunch of kids movies. So Lincoln just sat and watched movies while we waited.

They ended up having to put him in a papoose to do the stitches. Once they injected the pain killers he just sat there and let them stitch him. But as they were injecting the pain killers I wasn't sure the papoose was going to hold him. Kids are so strong.

He ended up with about 20 stitches. I hope we do not have anymore calls to 911, this was the second time I had to call for Lincoln in 9 months. Yikes!

Broken bone....Check!
What's next?

Friday, February 3, 2012


Dave and I have been writing messages to each other in the shower with those little foam letters that the kids play with.

I must have done a really good job of hiding the message because after two days he still hadn't said anything.  It finally took sending Lincoln out with the pregnancy test for him to catch on.  Ha!  Ha!