Thursday, May 7, 2009

I am on a roll!

Yesterday during Payton's nap I worked a little bit on her quilt. I got all the pieces laid out just how I wanted them. :o) Now I guess I need to start sewing...

On a side note, I am also working on sewing some cute fabric on burp cloths to build a diaper cake for a friends baby shower.

Look at me getting all crafty.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


My friend Jessica is always making (sewing) things for her daughter Sadie, I decided that I wanted to take a stab at it too. About two weeks ago I went over to her house and she showed me how to make a skirt and matching onsie for Payton. I was suprised at how easy it was. I imagine it did take me a lot longer to put it together than it takes her but to my credit it was my first time. :o)

Last week Jessica and I went to Joann's to look at fabric. I was so excited by actually making a skirt for Payton that I wanted to try and make a quilt for her too. Take a look at the way cute material we found. I am really excited to get started. I will make sure and post updates!

Payton's 12 Month Check Up

Boy oh boy was I glad Dave came with me today! Payton does not enjoy the going to the doctor. One too many shots and/or blood draws if you ask me. Dr. Bhatia no sooner walked in the room and Payton started crying. She even made herself so upset that she threw up a little. Yikes! Dr. Bhatia had to examine her twice just give her a break to settle down. Then had to call in the more experience shot giver because she was "being difficult". That's my girl! ;o)

Anyway, the stats were...

Height - 28 1/4 inches

Weight - 18 pounds, 10 ounces

Walking home from the doctor.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Payton

Payton's Birthday was Wednesday, April 29th. I can't believe she is one. Yikes!

Dave's Birthday was Monday, April 20th. I can't believe he is thirty one. ;o)

I started out wanting to have two separate parties for them but it turned out that with extended family plans we had to combine the parties. We had a little family shindig on Saturday, April 25 with our families and then another one on Saturday, May 2 with our friends. I don't think Payton minded having two parties, she was able to dive into cake twice!

Family Party Recap

A great BBQ! We had those pre-marinaded steaks from Costco, baked potatoes, salad, bread, etc. Can I just say "Yummy"! Followed by Dave and Payton opening gifts. Cake and singing summed up the evening. It is always so much fun to hang with family. I am glad my family and Dave's family get along.

Friend Party Recap

Another great BBQ! Well almost. Dave started BBQing then decided to give a tour of our house to Johnny and Anna forgetting about the food...I think the food was salvagable...I apologize for anyone that had a hockey puck for a hamburger. :o) Other than that we had chips and salsa, pasta salads, watermelon, cantelope, etc. Payton then opened her presents. Coyo and John brought over a pinata with baby appropriate filling (rice krispy treats, teddy ghrams, mac and cheese packets, etc). This is where we decided that Payton has a very sensitive spirit. She did not appreciate the wacking of the pinata. Next it was cake time again!

Over all we had so much fun! Thanks to everyone that was able to come. Great memories!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Kleenex Box

It is tradition in the Ahlgren family to give the baby at their first birthday a box of kleenex and let them go. If any of you now my weird phobia with crumpled, wet paper (kleenex, napkins, etc) probably also know that I was not looking forward to this tradition. YIIUUUCKKK!

Well, Payton decided she wasn't going to wait until her first birthday for the experience of trying to empty a kleenex box. I was doing something and all of a sudden I noticed it was really quiet (that is never good). When I found Payton she was standing over a kleenex box surrounded by kleenex.

And just as it happened in my worse nightmare she tried to eat the kleenex (shiver).

Sick Payton

On our way back from San Clemente I noticed that Payton felt a little warm but figured it was just because it was so stinkin' hot. However, on Monday she still felt hot to me. When I took her temperature it said 103.8. I thought, "that can't be good". I called my mom because I was afraid I didn't take the temperature right (we have one of those arterial scanner thingys). My mom said she was on her way over and to call Payton's doctor.

The first thing the doctor said was that the type of thermometer we used was not an accurate way to take her temp but that she needed to be seen. She said to give her baby motrin and to come in. Well, I ran to the drug store and got the motrin and gave it to her. We then spent the next hour or so sitting in the waiting room. By the time we were seen her temperature was down to 99.6. The doctor couldn't find anything wrong with her and said that if she still had a temperature the next morning we would need to take her in to have a blood test and urine screen incase she had a Urinary Track Infection.

Unfortunately, the next morning her temp was back up over 101. So off we went to the hospital to have her lab work done. To take a urine sample on a baby they take a little bag with a hole surrounded by sticky tape. So that when they pee it goes into the bag. We put that on her then she had to have the blood draw, where I basically had to lay on top of Payton to keep her still so that they could take her blood. Sadly, they could not get her vein. They dug around in her arm for what seemed like five minutes before giving up. I hate hearing Payton scream in pain and I hate seeing her in pain. Fortunately, a new person that tried the other arm and was able to get it on the first try. And fortunately, she peed while going through all that so we didn't have to wait around any longer.

Good news! No UTI and bad news just a virus. The doctor said that her temp should break within 5 - 6 days! What?!?!?! I am so glad she is on the mend and is feeling better now.

I don't like my baby being sick! But you gotta love the sick hair...