Friday, December 23, 2011

Payton goes Ice Skating

We went to see Disney on Ice and ever since Payton has been begging to go ice skating.  You would think that growing up in the Midwest would have afforded me opportunities to go ice skating but that was not the case.  I think I have been once and I definitely do not have the skill to help/teach someone else to do it.  Fortunately, Dave has been several times and was able to take Payton out for a spin.

We went to Christmas in the Park and decided to let her try out ice skating.  There was a long line and no convincing her out of it.  After about a half an hour of waiting in line she and Dave hit the ice.  She went around once and decided she didn't like it.  LOL  Cried the whole way around.  They got of the ice for a few minutes and somehow Dave convinced her to try again.  This time she had a big smile on her face.  Yay!  I am so glad she ended up having fun. 

When they came of the ice Lincoln went running up to Dave asking, "My turn?  My turn?"  It was so cute!  Unfortunately, by then the line was three times as long as it had been when Payton went up.  There will always be next year.  :o)

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