Monday, September 9, 2013

A New Toy

We had a little incident the other day where I found Austin squatting on the kids table.  Yes, I did pause to take a picture before getting him down.  Haha!  This little adventurous boy is really into climbing, it drives me crazy.  When Lincoln was little and started the climbing phase we borrowed a little climbing slide thing from my friend Aimee.  So I gave Aimee a call to see if we could borrow it again.  She said yes.  Yay!

He loves it!  And so does Lincoln.  And so does Payton.  I hope they don't break it or break themselves on it.

A new session started today at the dance studio.  Payton and her friend Sadie decided they wanted to give Hip Hop a try.  It was SO cute watching them.  Watching them try and do what the teacher was doing was hilarious.  Click here to watch a video of her doing a hip hop walk.

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