Friday, October 2, 2015

Lion King

At the beginning of the summer Payton heard an advertisement for Lion King being performed in San Jose.  It was then she started begging for us to go.  Which led to Lincoln begging.  Which then led to Austin begging.

In true Kimberly fashion, I procrastinated buying the tickets until the week before the last weekend.  Guh!  I think the internet actually laughed at me when I entered that I was looking for 5 seats all together.  It turned out that there was only one show with seats all together and the seats were EXPENSIVE.  Dave and I decided to go ahead and get the tickets.

The seats were awesome!  We had 2nd row seats, when the giraffes bent forward they were right in front of us and when the animals walked down the aisles we were right there!  The kids LOVED the show.  I am so glad we were able to go and spend that time together as a family.  It was great!

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