Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Use the Force!

We were back at the beach today.  The kids were so funny, they were trying to use the force to keep the tide from coming in.  Haha!

Ethan exclaimed that they had found a dinosaur bone and that they were famous because they were the youngest people ever to find one.  They worked so hard to dig it up but unfortunately their force was just not strong enough to keep the tide out and their "bone" was once again buried.

Ethan gave boogie boarding a second chance but ended up taking a little beating in the waves and came in.  Then Austin insisted on going out in the ocean so armed with his life vest and a boogie board he went out to play with Dave.  With daddy's help he caught a wave and rode it all the way in before being tossed at the very end.  Whoops!

We also had fun playing with Ali in the sand.  She was so cute just exploring how the sand felt between her fingers and toes and in her mouth...Yikes!  I looked away for one minute.

We ended the day by going to see Pets and eating dinner at Denny's.  Their pancakes are delicious!

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woooooooooooo nice !