Saturday, February 25, 2012

Happy Hollow...again

This is actually our third trip to Happy Hollow this week!  It has been so nice outside we just couldn't stay inside.

Today was extra special because Dave got to come with us, as well as, Grandma Sandy, Great Grandma Vella, Auntie Jen, and Caeden and Maddix.

Today we started with the animals instead of the rides.  We haven't been over to the petting area since last year.  The goats didn't seem to scare the kiddos too much this time.  Both Lincoln and Payton brushed the goats but ran at the idea of feeding them.  Ha! Ha!  Oh well.

I love this picture of the kids waiting in line.  They were waiting to go on the Frog Hopper.  Payton and Caeden had been on it before but Lincoln had not and I wasn't sure he was tall enough.  He actually wasn't but the guy let him go anyway.  

Auntie Jen was brave and went on with the kids.  Lincoln didn't do too bad but I don't think it is or will be a favorite ride of Caeden or Payton's anytime soon!  :o)

The lady bug ride was more their speed.

Lincoln like the police car and firetruck ride the least for today.  Look at that smile.

So cute!  I love it!

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