Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Play Date

Today was our turn to host the Gilroy Play Group.  Since it is so close to Easter the kids and I decided to give the play date a little Easter feel. 

We planned an Easter Egg Hunt.  Fortunately the weather cooperated with us and it turned out to be a beautiful day.  Payton and Lincoln helped pick out fun little toys and candy for the eggs and Dave stuffed them last night.  Fun times!

For dessert we thought it would be fun to decorate sugar cookies.  Payton's teacher, Mrs. Drucker, shared some pointers to decorating sugar cookies with little kids.  She said, "Give each child a plate with a cookie, a spoonful of frosting, and some sprinkles.  That way no one ends up licking a spoon and dipping it back into the tub of frosting or drinking from the sprinkle container."  It has worked great every time.  What kid doesn't like decorating AND eating cookies?

Lastly, we printed off Easter coloring pages.  Payton and Lincoln have really loved coloring and drawing lately and it seems most of the other kids do too.  After the play date, when I was cleaning up I found a bunch of coloring pages that Payton had done.  They made me smile, she does such a good job of coloring in the lines.  She is also not afraid to give someone green skin or purple hair, her coloring pages are always exciting.
It was a really fun play date.  Again, I am so glad the weather was so nice.  The house seems so much bigger and/or less crowded when the kids are able to play inside and outside.  The kids got along great and were so cute with their rosy red cheeks.

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