Wednesday, June 5, 2013

School's Out for Summer

I can't believe today is Payton's last day of Begindergarten.  She has had so much fun this year and has grown so much.  She is outgoing, confident, a leader (bossy?), and has made lots of friends.
While I am sad that I wasn't able to help out in the class more during the year, I am grateful that I was able to finish the year strong by helping out in the class room a couple of days, driving for a field trip, and taking a few of the kids around the carnival.  It makes me so happy that she gets so excited to have me around.
Last Opening Circle
The Begindergarten Room
 The carnival was so much fun.  I loved watching them decide what they wanted to do.  They had so many games/activities that the kids could choose from.  My favorites to watch were the spin painting and Payton going down the big slide.  I was actually surprised when she said she wanted to go too after her friend Kelsey had said she wanted to go.  I have always had to take her to the top and slide down with her but today she did it all by herself.
 I also loved the face painting.  Payton and a few of her friends all decided they all wanted to be puppies.  They were all so cute!

 Payton has been asking for cotton candy for a long time.  Whenever we go to a theme park she always asks and for one reason or another I always say no.  Boo!  I know, I am no fun.  Anyway, they had all kinds of carnival food and she got her cotton candy, as well as, a snow cone.  Love the colored tongues.  Haha!
 This year has been wonderful.  I am so, so grateful we are able to send Payton to Almaden Country School and hope that we will be able to continue to have her and Lincoln and Austin go there.  It is such a great school and atmosphere.  While we are going to miss Mrs. Drucker and Miss Day we are looking forward to what Kindergarten will hold next year.

Last Closing Circle

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