Saturday, January 14, 2012

Family Birthday for Lincoln

Another celebration for our little Lincoln.  We had our family over for dinner and cake.  We had a barbecue and it was so yummy!

Once again my sister outdid herself with the cake.  It was so cute and so yummy.  We ate it everyday for at least a week.  It was definitely the gift that kept on giving.  :o)

Lincoln enjoyed being the center of attention. 

I will say that this year Lincoln needed no help in opening his presents.  I was amazed at how fast he ripped those presents open.  He was so excited.  :o)  He got some really awesome gifts a few of them being a push bike, a scooter and helmet, a Brio train (battery powered), and a Kung Fu Panda stuffie.  He rode that bike and scooter all over the house.  Watched the Brio train go round and round the train track for at least a half hour straight.  Then tackled and threw that Ku Fu Panda stuffie all over the living room.  He definitely had a blast!

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