Thursday, January 12, 2012


I got the text message around 4 in the morning...Anthony's sister, Joyce, was sick and on her way to the ER and was not going to be able to watch Maddix.  My sister asked if I could watch him for the day.  I had a busy day ahead of me and told her that if she didn't mind me toting him all over the place that that would be fine.

The day was going great!  I have to admit that I was getting tired.  I had been to a presidency meeting, the party store, Costco, and was on my way to a different party store.  After this last store I would be done.  I pulled into the parking lot hoping for a spot right by the door so that I could just run in to the register and pick up what they had on hold for me...No such luck.  So I took a deep breath and got out of the car.  I went to the back driver's side door and got Payton out, walked her around the car, stood her by the tire, and asked her not to move.  Opened the back passenger side door, got Lincoln out, asked him to hold Payton's hand, and again told asked them not to move.  Went back in to get Maddix out of the middle back seat.  I backed out of the car pulling Maddix with me and quickly realized that my second step down out of the car was not on the sidewalk but was on Payton (they had decided to start twirling around).  As I tried to recover my footing with my next step I stepped on Lincoln, then Payton, and then Lincoln again.

At this point somehow my momentum changed to falling forward instead of back and all I could think of was, "Don't drop Maddix." which was quickly followed by, "Don't fall on Maddix."  When all was said and done I was on my hands and knees hovering over Maddix and Payton and Lincoln were sprawled out on the pavement.  All three kiddos were screaming.

I felt horrible.  But besides a few bruises and skinned hands and knees we were all OK.  Thankfully!

I did go into the store and got the last thing I needed, dropped Maddix off, and went straight home.  Yikes!

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