Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rob's Birthday Robot

We were invited over to Rob's house for his birthday dinner.  BBQ  Yummy!

When we were talking about what to get him for his birthday someone said Robo Rob or Rob Robot, I can't remember.  But Payton and Lincoln insisted that we get him a robot for his birthday.

At Target they have these little robot bugs, I showed them to the kids and that was it.  That is what we had to get him.

When he opened it the kids were so excited to see it work.  It ended up entertaining all of us for about 15 minutes.  It skittered all over the floor, under the table, under the couch.  If it ran into a wall, no problem, it just turned around.  If it got flipped upside down, no problem, it just flipped itself back over.  I have to admit that it freaked me out a little bit, I didn't want it near me.  Ha!  Ha!

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