Friday, March 9, 2012

Look at what I can do!

I wish I had taken before and after pictures...

About a year ago I bought those vinyl chair covers.  In the pictures they looked pretty decent but in real life they looked very white trash.  Soon after I put the covers on the chairs they started ripping.  The kids would pull them off.  They were a mess.

In a trip to the fabric store I found some vinyl and thought that with a little help I could just cover the fabric cushions with it.  So I guessed on how much I needed and bought it.  Then there it sat in the office for about a month before I called my mom and asked if she would come and help me.  Ha!  Ha!

Well, today my mom came out and helped me get started.  Unfortunately, we ended up being about 4 inches too short to cover all six chairs but did get four of them covered.  They look soooo much better.  Yay!

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