Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Festivities

Today our Gilroy play date was at my friend Aimee's house.  I love when playgroup is at her house because I usually get to hang out after and visit for a while.  :-)

For play group today Aimee had prepared a little Halloween activity for the kiddos to do.  They each got to make little foam pumpkins.  Anytime stickers are involved it is a hit with my kids.  Haha!  These were their creations before they were totally done.  Hey, at least I remembered I had a camera and took a picture.  :o)

After putting together the pumpkins, the kids found the dress ups.  I was cracking up with the combinations they came up with.  Payton said she was a green leaf. Haha!

Ben pretended to shoot Lincoln and today was the first day I saw Lincoln pretend to be hit, fall down on the floor, and play dead complete with sound effects.  It was so funny, especially with him dressed like this.

Tonight was Almaden Country School's Pumkin Carving Night.  I am so glad Michelle was able and willing to come with us.  Dave had to work and I am not sure I would have sanely been able to handle kids through all the activities. The kids were both so excited to be there.  It was so fun to see their excitement.  It was also fun to watch Payton when she saw her friends. 

I have never seen a person carve a pumpkin as fast as Michelle did.  The kids drew the faces they wanted on their pumpkins and she cut the pumpkins for them.

They had a bunch of activities for the kids to participate in.  As a result, Payton and Lincoln were too excited to eat dinner and just wanted to do and see everything.  They were super excited about the balloon lady and were surprisingly willing to wait in a long like to get their balloons.

 They were also excited about the donut on a string game.  And who wouldn't be.  Yummy!

There was also a magic show.  Dave got there late and was not impressed but the "magician" had the kids undivided attention.  :o)

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