Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat

It is Halloween! 

Halloween is so much more fun with little kids.  Payton was so excited for Halloween this year and really got Lincoln excited about it too.  She was coaching him all day on what to say when you go trick or treating.   :o)

While we were waiting for the evening festivities to begin, we made Ghosts.  Once again, I love Pinterest!   Dip cotton balls in glue, stick them to a paper and Voila you have ghosts.  Haha!  They were both excited about this craft and were asking to do it.  Yay!

Our evening began with dinner at Ralph and Michelle's house.  Which is where I took the only pictures for the evening.  I know, I know, bad mommy.

Bet you thought Lincoln was going to be Spiderman.  Haha!  I thought so too he rarely takes the costume off. 

Say hi to Jessie and Woodie!  They were such troopers and Trick or Treated until around 9.  No complaining about being tired or feet hurting.  Payton even wanted to keep going until her bucket was full. She almost made it.

Our ward also held a Trunk Or Treat. Auntie Jen, Uncle Anthony, Caeden, Maddix all joined us and the kids got to trick or treat together.

 Happy Halloween!

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