Thursday, August 8, 2013

Austin's First Birthday

Today was Austin's First Birthday.  I can't believe he is already a year old. 

He is such a sweet boy and has such a loving personality.  He is adventurous and curious, he interested in everything and gets into everything.  He is my best eater at the moment, hasn't turned down anything I have given him.  But he definitely has a sweet tooth.  :o) He is a great sleeper,  thank goodness! And he LOVES animals, Rumba and him are buddies.  He is the only one of my children that does not shy away from dogs.  We are so blessed to have him in our family.

We started the morning with Dave's tradition of taking the birthday boy to McDonald's for breakfast and as a special treat we all got to go.  Yay!  The kids really do love this tradition and look forward to it.  I'm so glad the Dave thought to start doing it.

After breakfast we went home to get ready for his little birthday party.  We invited the usual playgroup friends and had a blast. 

We had a water table for the little ones, and different size wading pools for the bigger kids.  Austin loved all the action, food, and attention.  :o)

At this point I know all the decorations and fuss are more for me than him but I'd like to think he noticed and appreciated the effort put into his party.  :o)  I was so grateful to have mom's help putting up the decorations and preparing for the party.

So grateful for Jessie and Cassy showing me how to make those little pom pom balls.  They are so fun!

I made food labels!  Something I always talk about doing and then never get around to.  I attempted being creative with what I labeled the least I did the food labels.  Haha!


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