Friday, December 3, 2010

Crazy Play Date

The play dates with my Gilroy friends are getting to be very crazy.  Within a few months we went from having an average of four kids come to having an average of eight kids.  Yikes! 

I have been trying to plan some kind of activity during the play date so that it isn't just free play the whole time and hoping that it prevents some of the little tuffles that happen.  Unfortunately, I didn't not have anything really planned for this play date.  After a while the kids asked if they could play outside and we all decided that was probably a good idea.

They decided that they didn't like how the inside of her play house was decorated and pulled out the sidewalk chalk.  Cute, right?  Ha!  Ha!  I love it.

I will say that this particular play date went out with a BANG!  The older kids were playing in Payton's room and the little ones were out with the mommies.  We heard the screaming and Cassie ran back to the bedroom followed by Aimee.  I headed back when I heard Cassie say, "Oh, that is not OK".  She came out of the bedroom holding Payton in that protective mommy pose.  I guess her and Gage were scwabbling over a toy and Gage ended up with his hand around Payton's neck.  Yikes!


Cassy said...

I love there color choices! They are sneaky, aren't they?


Cassy said...

their...sorry :P