Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jeans Party

My friend Tanya had a Jeans Party.  It was so fun!  I invited my sister, Jen, and friend, Anna, to come with me.  I swear we were laughing the entire time.

It basically boiled down to the sizing of the jeans.  The consultant told us that the jean sizes ran small so to not be upset or alarmed when our usual sizes didn't fit.  We took that into consideration and started looking or and two sizes bigger than our normal.  Before we knew it we had a pile of jeans that we wanted to try on.  When into a room to try them on and immediately realized we should have looked in even bigger sizes.  These jeans were just not fitting and it was hilarious watching each other trying to get them on.

About this time we met Tanya's sister.  She was hilarious.  Facing the same disappointment we were in the sizes we were fitting into.  In the end we were grabbing jeans to try on as a joke, figuring they wouldn't fit anyway.  Fortunately, after everything I did find a cute pair of jeans. Yay!

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