Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lincoln Broke His Arm

Wow!  Where do I start? 

Crash!  (Lincoln falling off my bed)

An "S" shaped arm.

Me running through every room of the house holding Lincoln tightly, thinking.  "What do I do?"  "I need to make a splint for his arm?"  "If I just take him to the doctor like this will his arm break worse?"  "I know, a ruler.  A ruler would make a great splint."  etc. etc. etc.

Finally call Dave.  All he hears is some garbly goop coming out of my mouth about Lincoln's arm and then Lincoln screaming in the back ground.  He tells me to call 911.

Firemen arrive.  Four big guys, all with a big duffle bag in each arm.  They ask about how he fell and where he fell from.  Examined him and told me that he had no life threatning injuries and that we could either cancel the ambulance and I take him to his doctor on my own or we could go in the ambulance.  I decided just to take him on my own.  I apologize over and over for even calling them. Boy did I feel silly, but they assured me that that is what they were there for. 

My sister shows up.  Dave called her and asked if she could come over, check on me and give him a run down on what was going on.  Thankfully she was able to stay with me all day and go with me to all the doctor appointments that I ended up having to go to with with Lincoln.  I am so glad she was there.  No only for the emotional support but she had food with her in her car.  Ha!  Ha!  Normally I am prepared with snacks and juice and whatever we may need.  Not today.  Left the house with hardly anything and found myself with two very sad kiddos at two in the afternoon in the radiology waiting room.

After three examinations it was confirmed that Lincoln broke his arm and was going to need a cast.  The fall happened probably a little before 8 in the morning and it was about 4 by the time we were at the doctor's office to get the cast on.  Poor little guy was not a happy camper.

I love this piture.  I call it the stink eye.  I couldn't help but laugh.  That is the look he gave the doctor as he was leaving the room.

It was a long day but Lincoln handled it like a champ.  After the initial fall, he really didn't cry unless someone was messing with his arm or one of the three time he fell on it in the waiting rooms during the day.

I am so glad today is over.

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