Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Swim Lessons Day 3!

Swim lessons are going so much better!  After a very serious pep talk from Dave, Payton agreed to not scream at me or Heather and at least try to do what we asked her to do.

Although she is still timid when it comes to putting her face in the water she is showing a lot more confidence in the water.  Today she blew bubbles and got her nose wet.  Yay!

Yep, that lone child standing in the middle of the pool is Payton.  We are still learning how to follow directions and hold on to the side of the pool unless with a teacher.  :o)

This is Lincoln and his friend Calvin.  My friend Sara watches Lincoln, along her son Calvin, at the park next to the pool during the lesson.  Her other son Nolan is in the class with Payton.  So he comes with me and Linc stays with her.  It works out nicely.  They have so much fun.

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