Thursday, June 9, 2011

Play Date at the Marr's

The week the Lunch Bunch and the Play Group combine for one big potluck.  I just love going to the Marr's home and the kids always a have a great time playing in the back yard.

There was lots of yummy food!  I would like to mention specificaly a salad with Poppy Seed Dressing.  Oh my goodness, I spent the entire play date trying to figure out who made it.  Go figure it was the very last person that I asked.  Ha!  Ha!  Jen thank you so much for the recipe.  :o)

One funny story about the play date today.  I was talking with someone when all of a sudden I couldn't see Payton anywhere.  *Scary* I looked everywhere in the backyard and headed into the house to see if by chance she went inside.  I walked past the bathroom door and I hear Sister Marr and Payton.  *Weird* I knock on the door hoping that I really did hear Payton.  Sister Marr opened the door and told me that Payton had asked her to take her to the potty.  Sister Marr said well maybe you should go ask your mommy to take you.  To which Payton responds, but she is not listening to me.  *So not true, Ha!  Ha!* So Sister Marr went ahead and took her.  When I knocked on the door, Payton invited me in and wanted us both to stay.  Sister Marr politely exused herself.  Ha! Ha!  I think it is so funny the she assumes everyone would enjoy going to the bathroom with her.

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