Sunday, April 29, 2012

Payton's Birthday Markers

Do you know that feeling when you wake up and hear a noise and think, "NO!!!"  Ha! Ha!  Well, Sunday after church and after I had put Lincoln down for a nap I told Dave that I had to lay down.  I was so tired.  Little did I know he was going to do the same thing without setting up something (a movie...anything) to entertain Payton.

I woke up to the sound of water running.  Why is the water running?  Did Payton go to the bathroom and wash her hands?  I sit up from off the couch and see that Dave is passed out on the other couch and realize that the water still hasn't stopped running.  I go into the bathroom to find Payton sitting on the counter with the sink full of water and her feet and hands in the sink.  I blink a couple of times and ask what she is doing?  And here is the conversation that follows...

P:  I am trying to get the paint off of my hands and feet.
Me:  Paint?
P:  Yes.
Me:  What paint?
P:  The paint on my hands and feet.
Me:  No, what paint?  Were you painting with your little Rapunzel paint set?  The paint bottles from yesterday?
P:  No, the markers I got from Mamo. 
Me:  Where were you painting?
P:  I got it on my hands and feet.
Me:  No, where were you painting.  In your room? the kitchen? your bedroom?
P:  The family room.
Me: (hand her a towel, shut off the water, and drain the sink)  Dry off your feet and come out to the family room.

Ugh!  I go back out to the family room and find the she has been drawing with the markers on the drawing pad that Mamo got her.  So not a huge deal except for the fact that each pen has a marker on both ends and she has taken the caps off of the majority of the markers and just thrown them on the rug.

Me:  Payton, you really need to ask before you get your markers out.  And you need to put the cap back on one before taking a cap off of another marker.  Plus you should be doing this in the kitchen so that the ink doesn't get all over the carpet.  (Dave wakes up and comes to a sitting position)
P:  I tried to ask Daddy but he wouldn't answer me...

It was one of those situations that could have been a lot worse.  She could have drawn on the wall or the furniture or me...  Ha! Ha!  As it turned out she didn't get any ink on anything but the paper and herself and she was trying to clean up after herself.  Why did I get so upset?  I think it was just the thought of what could have happened.

Poor kid, Happy Birthday, we are all going to take a nap.  Ha!  Ha!

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