Friday, April 27, 2012

Payton's Birthday Party Play Date

Payton's Birthday Party was today!  She was SO excited to have her friends over to celebrate.  All morning I kept hearing, "Mommy, when are my friends going to be here?"  So cute!

The morning went pretty smoothly because of setting everything up the night before.  Basically I just had to make sure Lincoln and Payton didn't mess with the party stuff and set out the food.  Ha!  Ha!  I have to remember this for the next birthday party.

We had three activities for the kids to participate in.  Here are some of the kids making paper lanterns.  Totally forgot to even pick up my camera until Payton was already done with this activity...Bummer.

 Sidewalk Chalk Drawing.  Sadie working hard at her masterpiece.  Ha! Ha!

Unfortunately, I didn't figure out how to use the flash on our "fancy" camera in time to take any pictures of the kids doing the Pascal Bean Bag Toss...Sniffle.

Lunch.  I am so grateful for our front courtyard.  When the weather is nice it is truly an extension of our house.  We just opened the french door and people were able to come in and out. This is so nice especially with so many people at our house.

Present time.  I will describe it in two words...Mass Chaos.  Ha! Ha!  One day I may figure out how to keep some kind of order.  Oh well, everyone was excited to see what she got.  It was so cute, Payton's friend Lia read all of her cards to her. 

Cupcakes.  My awesome sister made the cupcakes for Payton's party.  They were super yummy and I made sure to enjoy one white one and one chocolate one.  Shhhh!  Don't tell anyone.  Ha!  Ha!  Since my sister was short staffed in the kitchen this week we agreed that I would come up with some kind of cake topper.  Thank goodness again for my Silhouette and a very nice person that created these toppers and had then available online for free.  :o)  I thought they turned out cute.

Jen did make one cupcake special for Payton.  Isn't Pascal cute!  She told Payton not to eat him or the frying pan and that they would not taste good.  Well, she decided to try them while we were handing out cupcakes to all the other kids and mommies.  It was so funny when she saw that I had noticed a bite out of Pascals head.  She said, "Mommy, I ate the frying pan and it was really good!"  Whatever.  LOL

Me...Dave saw the picture and automatically made fun of my head tilt and cheesey smile.  Ha!  Ha!  Whatever, that is just me.

Gotta love pictures of kids eating cupcakes.  Ha! Ha!  Lincoln looks like he got busted.

It was a super fun day.  It was so fun to hear Payton so excited and having such a great time with her friends.  It made all the work...and clean up worth it.  :o)

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