Thursday, April 26, 2012

Payton's Birthday Party Set Up

This has been the first birthday party that I have actually taken the time to prepare for and do things little by little in advance.  Sure, I wish I would have started some things a little earlier and I wish I had been able to do a few other things that I just ran out of time to do but overall I think it turned out really well and Payton had so much fun.  Goal attained!  :o)

After many weeks of flip flopping on party themes I finally got Payton to settle on a Tangled theme.  I should have just started planning for it a few months ago because she has been talking about having a Rapunzel party since her last birthday.  However, she would change her mind on a theme after going to any ones birthday party because she had so much fun at those parties.  So indecisive...

First off I worked on the decorations.  Pinterest is awesome and dangerous at the same time.  So many ideas...

I loved the idea of decorating with lanterns and banner flags.  It turns out that my Silhouette came in real handy for this project.  Ha!  Ha!

I made a template and painted the lanterns before I rolled them.  I love the way they turned out!  However, if I were to do it over again I might have put two papers together to make them bigger around and to give them a design on the front and back.  I would also have used a darker color of paint so we could see the design on the floating ones better.  Oh well, woulda, shoulda, coulda...

I used the lanterns as centerpieces on the tables, decorations on our hutch and side tables, and hung a bunch from the ceiling hopefully making them look like they were floating.  When I started hanging them the night before the party, Payton walked into the room and said "Wow, look at all the lanterns!  This is awesome."  Then followed that statement with, "Hey, where are the boats?"  LOL

My sister in law Ashley helped me out with the banners.  My first run made me want to shoot myself.  I used a thinner scrapbook paper and it took FOREVER to peel it off of the cutting mat.  Fortunately, the thicker card stock was a lot easier.  Thank goodness!

Next up...Games!

I decided to have three activities that the kids could rotate through.  I knew that there were going to be a lot of kids and that there was going to be a wide range of ages so I tried to plan accordingly.  :o)  I am so fortunate to have the help of my mom, grandma, and friend, Tracy, to help man the different areas so that I can float around.

The three activities I choose were a Pascal Bean Bag Toss, Sidewalk Chalk Drawing, and Lantern Making.  When the kids participate in each activity will get a prize or party favor.

For the Pascal Bean Bag Toss game they will get a sun cookie.  Yes, I did paint Pascal on that box.  I impressed myself since I have no artistic ability at all.  Ha! Ha!

I wish I had taken more time to do the cookies or more specifically taken more time to look up decorating ideas. I couldn't find the cookie cutter I wanted in any of the stores and had to order it online.  The cookie cutter didn't get here until Tuesday night and the party is on Friday.  So I ended up making the cookies on Wednesday and decorating them on Thursday, with the help of my sweet husband.  Over all they turned out cute.

For the Sidewalk Chalk I bought big buckets of chalk and put them into little baggies that can be handed out to each of the kids as they come out to draw on the sidewalk.

For the Lantern Making Activity I cut out different shapes that the kids could glue onto a paper that we would make into a lantern.  Didn't take a picture of my example laterns for the table...  I found these little paint favors to hand out as they finish their lanterns.  I thought they were cute and both Payton and Lincoln have used theirs twice since the party.


I have a friend that makes her own cake plates from plates and cups that she finds while thrifting.  Can you say Pinterest?  :o)  They are so cute!  Anyway, I wanted to find a way to display the food that looked nice but that was not expensive and that would be easy to store when I was done until needed again.  Now I am in no way comparing my creations to hers but I did use her basic idea.  Ha! Ha!

I went to the dollar store and bought a bunch of serving bowls, trays, little bowls and champagne glasses.  With a little experimenting I made my own serving pieces by hot gluing little bowls and champagne glasses to the bottom of the serving bowls and trays.  I really like how it turned out and I like that I can just pull the bowls and cups off to make storage easier.  They were definitely not as sturdy as my friends but worked great for this purpose and after two days of gatherings we had no catastrophes.  LOL

Our menu is Cobb Salad, bread, and fruit for the mommies and then for the kids Peanut Butter and Jelly or Honey Sandwiches, cheese and crackers, fishy crackers, pretzels, and fruit.  My mom was a BIG help in prepping all the food.  We did all the chopping, cutting, and sandwich making on Thursday so all I would have to do was set it out before the party.

Oh, and I found the little Rapunzel figurines on Amazon along with the cookie cutter.  I thought they looked cute on the food table.

All the preparations were complete and I was crawling into bed about 2 in the morning the night before the party.  Excited to see how it goes!

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