Saturday, April 28, 2012

Payton's Family Birthday Party

Dave has started the tradition of taking the kiddos out to breakfast for their birthday.  Both Payton and Lincoln really look forward to it. 

Dave took Payton to the "Breakfast House" or Holder's Country Inn for breakfast where she enjoyed chocolate milk and chocolate chip pancakes.  What more cold she ask for?

And yes, she somehow got out of the house without without getting dressed or having her hair brushed.  Sheesh!

Tonight was Payton's Family Birthday Party (and Dave's).  We had family and a few friends over for some kid friendly activities and dinner.

I am including this picture because I think it is hilarious and it was taken at the party while the kids were running around playing.  He is so cute!

Anyway,  since we were sticking with the Rapunzel theme and since Rapunzel loved to paint I bought some little canvases for the kids to paint.  I got this idea from Pinterest.  I cut shapes from contact paper and used them as stickers that the kids put down on their canvases first, then let them go to town painting.  So now instead of having just a blob of paint on the canvas there will be a shape of a tower or sun or both in the middle of the blob of paint.  Ha! Ha!  I thought it was genius. 

For dinner we had chicken and/or tri tip, salad, fruit, bread, Italian potatoes, etc.  All very yummy if I do say so myself.  :o)  After dinner we did S'mores.  I found this idea on Pinterest to use little clay pots lined with foil to put charcoal in and then your guests can roast the marshmallows right there at the table.  Dave said this turned out to be the hit of the party.  Everybody loved it.  Yay!  Here are a couple of pictures.  Again, Lincoln ran into the house with S'mores all over his face.  Had to take a picture.

Present time!  She was so excited.  What child wouldn't be, right?  Ha!  Ha!  Tonight Julian read all her cards to her, it was so cute.  At first she was really paying attention and then after a while she just started ripping open the presents with Julian trying to keep up with reading the cards.

The reaction my mother was hoping for...

Lincoln LOVES Julian and Damian.  They are some of the only boys that are as rough as he is.  Lincoln was having a blast playing with them and followed them around all night.  Ha! Ha!

Cupcakes!?!?!  Yes, we still did cupcakes after the S'mores.  You have to put a candle in something.  Ha! Ha!  Besides I never miss an opportunity to sample on of Jen's creations.  :o)

Happy Birthday Payton!

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