Thursday, October 31, 2013


Dave and I decided it would be fun to surprise Payton and fly her and Dave out to Utah so that she could spend Halloween with her cousins.

She wasn't as excited as we thought she would be.  When Dave showed up at the school to take her she started crying.  Initially I thought it was because she was going to be missing her class Halloween Party.  I felt so bad.  But after talking to her a little bit we discovered that she was only crying because she wanted to drive, not fly.  She was afraid of how fast the plane was going to go.  Haha!  Silly girl.

So here are kiddos at the beginning of trick or treating.  After hitting up Jen and Preston's neighborhood we headed off to our friends Debbie and Eric Aston's neighborhood.  We had lots of fun but ended up being out too late.  :o)

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