Monday, October 21, 2013

Happy Hollow

My mother and grandmother are going out of town to babysit my sister's kiddos while she and her husband, Andy, go to Italy on vacation.  My mother is going to be gone for close to a month it seems so we are trying to get in as much grandma time as we can before she leaves.

Today we went to Happy Hollow.  This is such a great place to go.  I know we went here as kids but for the life of me I just can't remember coming.  I hope all of the kids remember all the fun times they had here. 

It seems every time we come we gravitate toward different areas, this time we spent quite a bit of time in the petting zoo area.  I love watched Austin with animals, he just loves them so much.  Today he almost had a goat poop and pee on him and then he almost stuck his whole hand up a cow's nose.  haha!

We also tried out the wall climbing area which is pretty cool.  I forgot how much strength it takes to hold yourself up onto a wall.  Yesh! 

And the Crooked House was also a point of interest for a while.
What an enjoyable day.

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