Friday, October 4, 2013

Santa Teresa Hike

After talking with a friend of mine at a play group about how she takes her son on short hikes I decide to give it a try.  Am I crazy?  Yes.  ;O)

Actually, it went really well.  Lincoln hiked about 2 miles with no complaining other than, "Mom, can you just pick Austin up?"  Evidently, Austin wasn't walking fast enough.  Austin, on the other hand, only complained when he was in the hiking backpack.  Haha! What are you going to do.

Lincoln is quite the rock collector.  All his pockets were full by the time we got back to the car. 

I would love to do this again and Lincoln even agreed that he thought it would be fun.  But next time I think it would be fun to go with someone else.  We had fun but I think the kids would have more fun with more kids to interact with.  Good times!

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