Monday, February 10, 2014


Lincoln, Austin, and I went to my friend Jessie's house for a combined play date and craft group.  While there I got everything ready for Payton's Valentines so that when she got home she could quickly put them together.  Then prepped everything for Lincoln and Austin's, now all I have to do is cut them out and assemble.  Yay!  So glad I was able to get that done.

Another exciting thing about being VIP is that you get to bring home Ted for the week.  He comes with his own backpack with clothes and a travel journal.  The kids get to document what they get to do with Ted.  Tonight Ted joined us for FHE.  We had a lesson on the creation and how we can show gratitude for all the Lord's creations.  Good times!  Hope Ted had fun.  Haha!

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