Saturday, February 1, 2014

Uncle Rob's Birthday

Today we celebrated Uncle Rob's Birthday.  The kids have been looking forward to celebrating with him since his actual birthday on Tuesday.

We started off with a hike in the Santa Teresa Hills.  I know the adults could have handled a more intense hike but we all agreed that a tamer trail would be more enjoyable given all the littles that were with us.  The kids and Onyx did great!  Only a few complaints here and there, not too bad.

After the hike we ate a FABULOUS dinner.  I love Tri Tip!  I contributed potatoes, red and sweet, and homemade bread.  I just recently started making this braided bread and it is so good.  I love it!  Then I tried making roasted sweet potatoes for the first time and they turned out really good, if I do say so myself.  :o)  It was an all around great meal.

Next up, presents!

Rob and Kristen were so sweet to get Lincoln a gift.  They missed his birthday because they were out of town.  He was so excited...Glow in the dark Nerf darts!

Rob got some really cool things.  A couple of nice polos, kitchen gadgets, and T Rex tea light holders.  Awesome!

Lastly, there was cake.  Delicious Chocolate Cake.  It was wonderful.  It may have tasted even better due to the fact that it was my sugar freebee for the week.  :o)

It was a fun evening, so glad we all got to be together for Rob's Birthday.

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