Thursday, June 12, 2014

Children's Discovery Museum

It seems we have lots of fun things planned this week.  Today we ventured to the Children's Discovery Museum with Grandma, Caeden, Maddix, Coyo, and Adrian.

The kitchen area is always a favorite.  It was quite crowded today and I actually had to stop a boy from pushing my little Austin out of his way and taking all the things he was playing with.  I don't think the boy knew what to do when I confronted him.  Haha!

Lincoln went straight for the water play area.  He would have stayed there the entire time if everyone else hadn't wanted to see other things.

Everyone had fun playing with the clay.  They were supposed to be making 3D maps but decided to get creative.  Payton made a face and Lincoln made a plane.  I love the picture of him flying his plane, he has such a joyful look on his face.

Coyo and I took the little ones to a different play area for the smaller kids.  Austin really had a great time exploring there too.  I think the sand area was the biggest hit.  Austin and his cousin Maddix loved playing there.  Filling up little containers, scooping it up and then pouring it out what more could you ask for.

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