Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day

The kids are always so excited for any excuse to do breakfast in bed and that is exactly what we do on Father's Day.

Waffles with fruit puree, whipped cream, and chocolate chips and OJ to drink.  Yummy!

The kids picked out a singing card to accompany his gifts and thought it was the greatest thing.  They were so excited for him to open it and then even more excited when he pretended that it startled him.  I love their faces in this picture.

They love their daddy so much.  It is awesome!  We are so grateful to have him.

One of Dave's Father's Day gifts was Star Wars Legos.  Lincoln was so excited to help put them together...and so was Austin.

After church we had my family and Dave's family over for dinner.  It is so nice that we all live close enough to get together like that.  Anyway, Payton decided that she wanted to make cupcakes for Dave.  She has a little cookbook in her play kitchen so she asked him what kind he thought he might like and was determined to make them for him.  She pretty much made them by herself.  I just helped with measuring out the ingredients.  She is growing up way too fast.

Dave joked that I should have taken pictures of the cupcakes and added the picture to the Pinterest fail collection.  Haha!  The cupcakes turned out beautiful and tasted great but really flopped when we tried to decorate them like in the book.  Oh well, at least they tasted good.

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