Friday, April 8, 2011

Easter Play Date

We had so much fun today!  Payton and Lincoln were both so excited to have everyone over.  It didn't take much convincing to get Payton out of bed.  Ha! Ha!  All I had to do was whisper, "Your friends are coming over."  She bolted right out of bed.

First up...Easter Egg Hunt.  Aimee, thank you for coming early and helping me hide Easter Eggs.  We hid over 300 eggs.  It was awesome!  Take a look at our egg speckled yard.

I envisioned something like the Biggest Loser Egg Hunt.  There were tons and tons of eggs scattered all over the mountian side for the challenge.  I think we succeeded, although on a much smaller scale.  :o)  There were lots of eggs in everyone's basket.  Yay!

I love this action shot of Payton running through the fence.  Look at her hair flying behind her.

You can see it in Lincoln's face.  He is thinking, "Sweet!"  I watched him walk across the yard headed for an egg and stop dead in his tracks when he saw this whole pile of eggs. 

Next up...Bunny Races.

Bunny ears for eveyone!  Hopping across the yard like bunnies.  Payton loved this one.

I LOVE Gage's face in this picture.  Hilarious.

Hungry!  Lunch is served.  Chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, fruit, etc...Oh and Easter cookies made by Payton.  I think they were a hit with the kids...She used lots of sprinkles.  :o)

I love Fridays!

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