Monday, April 4, 2011


We (Payton and Lincoln, my sister and her two kids, and my mom) went shopping today.  I love shopping in Gilroy.  We spent the afternoon at the outlets looking for a variety of things.  I love the Factory Brand Shoe Store, I always find way cute tennis shoes for the kids there. 

Today, Payton was wearing sandals and I forgot to bring socks with.  The best I could do for making sure the shoes would fit was grab a couple of those nylon stocking they have for you to use when trying on dress shoes.  I know, why bother but Payton thought they were the greatest thing and made sure that we took home her "new socks". 

When she was showing her daddy her new shoes her "new socks" fell out of the box.  Lincoln grabbed onto one and when Dave saw what it was put it on Lincoln's head.  It cracked me up.  For the next half hour or so he kept taking it off and wanting Dave to out it back on again.

The things that entertain this boy never cease to amaze me.

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