Wednesday, April 6, 2011


It was decided that Lincoln needed ear tubes, and today was the big day.  He was a champ!  They didn't even need to give him a sedative to calm him down so he wouldn't freak out when they took him from us.

He took one look at the stuffed bear and coloring they set out for him and was happy.  Everyone there was so nice and they took great care of us.

Only 15 minutes past from the time they wheeled him in to surgery to the time they came and got us to be with him waking up.

The only time I was nervous was when they were leading us back to recovery.  I noticed one of the areas seemed to be having some action.  I couldn't see into it because of the curtains but when the lady leading us back stopped in front of it, I immediately thought something was wrong.  Fortunately, the action was only because Lincoln was waking up and didn't want the nurse holding him.  Ha!  Ha!

Lincoln was very sad until we got home and put him down for a nap.  I think he was just disoriented.  When he woke up he was as good as new.  Running all over, wouldn't have thought he had had surgery that very morning.

I hope this puts an end or at least lessens all those ear infections.

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