Saturday, April 9, 2011


I love the game Settlers of Catan!  Especially when we are able to play with our super fun friends.  Our friends Debbie and Eric came into town from Utah this past weekend.  Yay!  We called in the old gang and got to together for dinner and games.  We had Jen and Anthony, Debbie and Eric, Katie and Winchell, me and Dave, plus 5 kiddos.

It was great, after getting all the kiddos to bed and watching a little HGTV...we sat down for a little Settlers.  I have to admit that when it gets late my tolerance for the game goes down but it is always entertaining to witness the smack talk that goes on (when it doesn't involve me :o) ).  It varies from game to game on who is involved but it usually includes Anthony.  Ha! Ha!  This time poor Debbie was at the other end of his smack talk.

I think my favorite part of this particular game was Eric.  I was laughing the entire time.  He decided to place all his settlements on sheep and then on a sheep port.  The entire game he kept saying, "I will trade anyone, anything for a sheep."  It doesn't sound as funny in writing as it did when he was saying it but trust me it was funny.

It was so nice to see everybody.  Good times!

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Jessie said...

We love Settlers, too. We should totally play together sometime. That and Ticket To Ride... I could play either for hours. :)