Monday, August 1, 2011

Damian's Birthday Party

Our friend Damian turned 4!  Yay!

Some highlights from the birthday party.

My sister Jen brought little cakes so that each of the kids could decorate their own.  All the little cakes were so cute.  It brought back memories to went Jen and I were little, we used to do that for our birthdays.  Talk about a sugar rush.  Ha!  Ha!

Payton's Cake

Lincoln's Cake

Lincoln was so cute.  He really made sure each little piece of candy stuck really well to the cake by shoving it through the frosting and into the actual cake.  Loved it.

Coyo always has a pinata for the boy's birthdays.  This one was particularly cool.  It was shaped like a star, had a dinosaur coming out of one side and a bunch of balls on the other side.  The thing was definitely built to last, it took forever to break open, but when it did it was full of fun candy and toys for all the kids.

We all had a great time!  Thanks for inviting us.

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