Friday, January 31, 2014

Under Pressure

I thought I had the day planned out so well. 

Hit up the Lulu outlet.  Looking for a pair of studio crop pants.  Didn't happen...but I didn't leave empty handed.  ;o)

Go to Gilroy and help my friend Aimee with her daughter's birthday party. And help her make some Braided Bread Loaves.

Head over to my mom's house and look over food storage stuff.  Trying to be prepared for whatever...

Drive back up to Gilroy, start a movie for the kids (I promised them earlier this week they could watch one on Friday), and start/eat dinner.

Meet at the church to clean the building and finally come home.

My plan fell apart while at my parent's house.  I stayed too long so there was no time to come home, for the kids to watch a movie, or for me to make dinner.  So I took the kids to McDonalds for dinner, then got stuck in a long line at the drive thru had to wait 20 minutes.  Yikes!  But they did get milkshakes!  :o)

We were a tad late for building cleanup but made it in time to help vacuum. 

Pulled into the driveway at 7:30.  Had the kids in bed by 7:40.  This gave me exactly 20 minutes to make and eat my dinner if I was to get my Healthy Habits Point for no eating after 8.  I made it happen.  Haha!  I have never eaten that fast in my life.

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