Thursday, July 31, 2014

Casa de Fruta

Today we ventured to Casa de Fruta to meet up with my Grandma to have lunch and celebrate her birthday.  We love to meet here for many reasons but one of them being that the kids can play at the park for a little while after we are done eating. 

It is truly amazing how much kids can remember at such a young age.  Austin remembers every time we come that there is a train that he can climb and play in.  Through all of lunch he kept saying that he wanted to go out to the train.  It kind of reminded me of the seagulls in finding Nemo, "Mine. Mine."  But instead we heard, "Train. Train."  Haha!

There is a train and carousel ride at Casa de Fruta but we have never been on it with the kids because it has never been open when we have gone.  Today was different, everything was going so we took advantage.

The kids played at the sluice.

Rode on the Casa de Choo Choo.  It was VERY hot.

Rode on the Casa de Carousel.  VERY HOT!!!

Then stopped for a well deserved treat. ICE CREAM!  Did I mention it was hot?  I am surprised we didn't melt.

It was really hot and we were all tired and feeling a little icky when we left but had a lot of fun at the same time. 

Happy Birthday Grandma!

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