Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Rainbw Loom Play Date

Payton has been begging for this play date all summer.  She really wanted to get together with her friends and do the rainbow loom.  I wondered how it was going to go, I knew we were going to have all levels of experience with the girls, some who are just learning the very basics and some that can pretty much just make any bracelet you can find. 

I guess I really didn't have anything to worry about, as everyone got here they went straight back to Payton's room and started playing all sorts of things, starting with dress up.  They were all so cute running around in costume.  It wasn't until after they had eaten lunch that anyone was ready to loom and really if I hadn't brought it up I think they would have just continued paying school or whatever it was that they were playing.

Instead of everyone one learning one type of bracelet they decided to all work on their own bracelets.  Payton did teach Dorie how to make a single, Mariam and Lincoln worked on another kind of bracelet, and Emery worked on her rubber band rope that she has been working on this summer.  After a little while a few of us started making a pony from a tutorial until parent's came.


I was so excited that everyone got along and seemed to have a great time.  I hope we can do it again before school starts.

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