Wednesday, July 23, 2014

She jumped!

Payton jumped off the board!  She finally worked up the courage to do it and did it many, many times.
Today we stayed for open swim with some friends.  Toward the beginning of open swim Payton called me on a promise I made to her last week if she would go off the board.  I told her that if she went off the board I would too.  Well, I couldn't back out.  I did it!  I haven't been off a diving board in like 15 years.  It was lots of fun.  After I went off she asked if she could go off too.  She did with me catching her.  I was shocked!  Excited!
Later on the kids were playing a mermaid princess game and had to show bravery to earn gems in their crowns.  One of the acts of bravery was to go off the board.  All of the kids went off again and again. I ended up catching kids off the board for the next 45 minutes.  It was so tiring but fun at the same time.
After I got out, I realized that I never got a picture or video of her doing it.  So I asked her if she would go off again so that I could take a video and pictures.  She agreed excitedly and said, "I love going off the board!"  Hooray!

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