Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Library

Please do not judge me but I have never taken my kids to the library.  Thankfully my friend Jessie invited us to go with her and her kiddos this morning and I jumped at the opportunity.  We have been wanting to go but wasn't sure how it all worked.  Sounds silly doesn't it?

The kids were so excited.  we got there a little before it opened, you would have thought we were waiting in line for the new iPhone or something the way they were all lined up with their noses to the glass.  Haha!  They had a great time and were so excited to look at the books they chose.

Swimming lessons are going well.  The kids are becoming more and more comfortable in the water and Payton was even convinced to stand on the board with her toes over the edge.  Nice job Payton!

When we got home we decided to make stuff from paper towel and toilet paper rolls.  Lincoln decided to make rockets and Payton decided to make a castle.  So glad Amma was over to help out.  Both Payton and Lincoln did a really nice job.

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