Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Rainbow Loom Rainbow Dash

Yesterday we finally had the Rainbow Loom Play Date that Payton had been requesting all summer.  I am so glad so many of her school friends were able to make it.

Anyway, toward the end of the play date Payton and her friend, Emery, started following a tutorial to make a pony on the loom.  Today we finished it.  Payton did hers all on her own and Lincoln directed me in the creation of his black Rainbow Dash.  :o)

Payton did really well on hers, only had a couple of mishaps.  First mishap was when one of her cap bands broke when we started taking the pony off the loom.  It was one of the first bands we put on which means the whole pony would have come unraveled if we hadn't been able to tie up the rubber band.  Crisis averted.  Second, somehow we missed that she forgot to loom some of the bands on the one side of the loom, this was discovered after we had already started pulling the bands off the loom.  Fortunately, I am a master at fixing this kind of problem. We were able to reloom what we had take off, unloom the pony up to the point she had forgotten, then reloom.  Another crisis averted.  Haha!

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