Wednesday, January 19, 2011

102 Fever

It seems like Lincoln has had an ear infection on and off since October.  Poor kid just can't get a break.

This time around he has a double ear infection, some kind of infection in his lungs, and is getting all his 12 month molars at one time.  He has had a temperature of right around 102 for the last couple of days.  :(  The doctor said that we have to come back in a month to make sure that his ears have cleared up and if they haven't we will have to go to an ENT specialist.  Let's just hope he is better.

He has also started this high pitched screaming.  Which I thought or should I say was hoping it was because of the ear infection.  No such luck, the screaming has been accompanied by biting, pinching, and hitting.  He gets so frustrated and I guess doesn't know what else to do. The doctor told me that when he does it that we need to say, "No biting, biting hurts." and then set him in a time out for 30 seconds.  Ummm, it is hard.  She did tell me that I was probably going to have to hold him down in a chair or something for 30 seconds and that if I did I was going to have to close my eyes and not look at him.  The first time I did it all I could do was laugh.  This particular time he didn't get upset being in time out but instead was being silly and trying to get me to laugh.

I think I am going to have my hands full.

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